Medicare Advantage Plan

susie100October 16, 2012

I currently have a BCBS Anthem Plan N. It costs $113.00 per month and so far has paid for most everything except prescriptions. I have a separate policy for that but it doesn't cover the Tier 4 meds. I am thinking about dropping this and enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan called MediGold specific to my area (southeast Ohio). Does anyone on this forum have a Medicare Advtange Plan? If you do, could you give me some input on what you have found to be the advtanges/disadvantages? For instance, does it pay for inhospital stays? Surgeons? wellness tests? Deductibles? Thanks for your opinion.

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Check with your local Area Agency on Aging (may be called something different, but it should be a county office) and ask for HICAP or SHIP counseling. They should be able to answer all your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ohio programs

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What does your state offer? In our state, seniors who qualify (and the income limits are generous) get their Part D premiums paid by the state, then they pay a very nominal co-pay for their meds. It's been a couple of years now, but my mom used to pay only $5 per prescription for a 90 supply.

Before going with a commercial insurer, see if your state offers a program and if you qualify. And yes, the office on aging should be a good first step for tracking down what's available. Also, if you live in a senior apt. building or similar, there may be someone on staff who is knowlegeable and can help you plow through the info. Again, we were helped greatly by the gals in the office of the subsidized senior apt. tower where mom lived. It wasn't really their job, but they voluntarily made it their business to learn about the various options, so they were able to help their residents. Aunt was in a care facility and they also were able to help with info and making the best decision possible for her care

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I would be very careful about changing a plan. My friend did and she could not change back because she had health issues. The same issues that they had insured under her previous plan.

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A medicare advantage plan is, essentially an HMO. What each one pays for and how it pays is detailed in the plan. My DH had one, had specialty eye problems and his docs were not covered since they did not take that insurance. I'd be sure all the docs and hospitals I wanted are included and there aren't any crazy restrictions.

We switched to "original medicare" which it sounds like you now have. Your Anthem Plan N sounds like a Part A & B supplement that pays the amount for doctors and hospitals that medicare doesn't pay. Ours works the same way. We have no out of pocket costs over the cost of the supplement. Emma R is right -- if you change it you may not be able to get it back.

Drug plans are separate (Part D). These have no issues with changing. We are changing again this week (you can change up to Dec 7 for next year) because the plan we have now will not include all our drugs next year. So I went to and input my zip code and my drug list number (drug list is easy to set up and change). That generates a list of the drug plans in my state. I searched for one that had all my drugs, no limits and a good rating. I will sign up for that on Monday. Same for DH though his is different than mine. For the past two years we had the same drug plan but now we will have different ones so all the drugs each of us needs are covered at a favorable rate.

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I would not get any that cost anything, there are numerous ones that cost nothing and are every bit as good.

My mom has the BCBS one and cost zero.
My one and only complaint is they limit your choices of doctors you can see a bit.
The free one she had prior to this one did not in any way limit anything.

For your RX use the mail order option.
When she went from picking it up at the local drugstore to the mail order her cost dropped from about $55 a month down to ZERO.
They now pay 100% of her RX cost.

So a plan that cost nothing, has the benefits of any of the others plus pays 100% of her RX.

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My medicare will begin in June and I have been researching the different plans for drug coverage and a supplemental plan.

I have not seen any plans that are 0 cost. Are those plans for low income?

I am so confused on what plan is right for me. At this time I am not taking any medications but at my age that could change in the blink of an eye.

If anyone has any opinions as to what is best or what to avoid I'd be interested in hearing what you think. Right now I am using the search engine and reading old post about Medicare but I think a lot of them are outdated.

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Mollycats, look for a SHIP program near you. Call your local Area Agency on Aging, which is a county/local agency, and ask how to find a Medicare informational program. Free, factual, good information.

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go to the site and sign in.
Then use their search for a medicare advantage plan there are a few that cost zero and have the same benefits as the ones that cost.
I think the only requirement is that you qualify for medicare as far as I have seen.
You might want to possibly avoid HMO's, they could work for you but also are more restricting.

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