New kitchen cost help?

MaccoOctober 30, 2012

Hello All. I�m new to this forum. I�m looking at doing a complete tear out of a kitchen, including appliances. The new kitchen will be L-shaped. The short end, about 7� long, will be a dual level breakfast bar and that section will house the sink, dishwasher and underneath cabinets. The long end, about 11� long, will include the stove, with overhead microwave and both overhead and underneath cabinets.

My preference would be to use real wood for cabinets, probably painted in an off-white color. I don�t plan on needing many bells and whistles, such as glass door inserts, optional drawer inserts and those types of things. I�m unsure about the countertops. Granite would be nice, depending upon how much more that will cost vs less expensive countertops. My estimate is about 27-28 linier feet of countertop.

I�ll do the demo work myself but will hire out the final prep and installation.

I�ve seen some less than positive stories on the net about using some of the big box stores for this work. That scares me a lot. So, I�ll probably go with a small, independent cabinet maker for both the build and installation. The work is being done in a rural area of Pennsylvania.

No problem pricing out the appliances but I have no idea what the cabinet build and installation will cost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I would highly recommend you visit the kitchen forum. You can get some excellent advice there.

You can spend as much or as little as you want.

Nothing wrong with the cabinets from the big box stores. They sell name brands as well as off the shelf.

We did a kitchen several years ago with cabinets from Lowes. They were very nice and we got cabinets for the whole kitchen (smaller than yours) for about $1300.

We just did another kitchen and I purchased the cabinets used. Entire kitchen for less than $4K but A LOT of elbow grease.

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Thanks Barb. I'll enter this same post on the kitchen forum.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Since you are going to do such a major remodel, I would for go the over the range micro and get a GOOD exhaust fan vented outside. Granite will up your bill considerably compared to laminate.

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Lov_kitchen, both good points. I am planning an over the range microwave. Getting an exhaust vented outside might be unworkable. The house is a 1917 terra cotta block and the range will be a good 10' from the outside wall. If the GC can pull it off, I'll go with it. But I think it will create some barriers that might not be worth it.
I'll have to see what the final cost difference is between the granite and laminate. I do notice there are some great laminate countertop choices out there.

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