Social Security COLA this year?

jannieOctober 2, 2011

Does anyone know? There hasn't been a raise in two years. Is one planned for 2012? I used to work for Social Security, and they'd make the announcement around October 1, but I'm out of the loop, no longer keep in touch with co-workers. The last time I visited my old office, I didn't recognize anyone. My hubby is on SSA Disability, about to turn 65, tho his full retirement age is 66. I'd just like to know if he's getting an increase. Our food and travel costs certainly have gone up in the last year, so don't tell me there's no inflation and I shouldn't be greedy!

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To answer my own question, the Commissioner of Social Security has asked Congress for a 3.5 % increase next year. If approved, it will be the first increase in 3 years!

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Prospects are good for an increase beginning Jan. 2012. However, many might not see much of an an increase at all since most of it will be absorbed by higher Medicare premiums.

Announcement should be soon.

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It will be announced October 19.

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And the answer is.... 3.6% Beginning December 30, 2011.

Here is a link that might be useful: SS

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