Bosch axxis washer leaking underneath, any ideas ?

houndhandlerFebruary 27, 2008

It's a Bosch WLF 2060 UC and the water appears intermittently from the middle underneath, possibly towards the front LH side but it's hard to tell.

Machine is running now, I can just see underneath and no leak.

Yesterday had a good pool but it had not run for several days.

Tells me that perhaps it's a leak on the pressure side.

Checked the hose and the drain, all the obvious stuff.

I'm thinking water pump ? But that should only leak while running I would think.

This thing is really shoehorned into a corner and I'd like to know what I'm up against before I start tearing into it.


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post your question on the laundry room forum. Might get some answers.

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Yeah, I tried the laundry, appliance and this forum.
You are the first to reply.

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If it was a leak on the pressure side, I would assume that it would leak every time the washer is used because the pressure would make it lek when the inlet valve opened.
Unless you are using cold water wash and it is leaking on the hot water side. Picture what a horizontal axis washer is, a outer tub and a inner tub the clothes go into on its side. It could be a gasket leak, a pump leak, a leak from the softener or bleach dispenser, the drain line etc... Easiest way to find out is move it out of the corner. Could be a leak in the drain hose standpipe. Who knows until you get it out in the open.

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I have a GE unit that seemed to have a leak but turns out it was some particals under the gasket on the door prevented a good seal. I cleaned under the gasket and hasn't leaked since. Once a month or so I check for any more food particles by wiping it down with a paper towel.
Or it could be just your connection needs to be tightened.

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Start the washer and watch.
If it's like mine, it's coming from the the bottom edge of the detergent drawer.
The reason you don't see a leak is that it's barely visible unless the light is just right, you leave just after the cycle begins, and it dries clear. It then seems as though it's coming from underneath because of the puddle left behind as gravity draws the running water back under the bottom front left edge. Oddly, it seems to happen intermittently with me as well. I suspect it's the way the drawer pushes back and doesn't quite seal every time. I can't imagine why there's no gasket on a joint where pressurized water is flowing. I always appreciated German engineering but this has me annoyed.

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