Hot Water Filter ???

big_al_41February 26, 2009

Because I am on a well I get from time to time sediment in my water ..normally this isn't a problem. However where this does become an issue is with my dish washer and that little screen near the solenoid that gets clod up.

My question is, can I get away with a standard water filter under my sink that feeds the hot water line to dish washer. The cost dif is huge and I only need it to stop the little grit that shows up from time to time. Your thoughts on this PLEASE.

Big Al

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You can put in a low cost whole house filter that will keep the debris out of all the plumbing fixtures. Sediment filters run $10.00 for a pair.

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Standard filters have temp limitations
Hot water filers are usually stainless steel and expensive.
It would be easier to filter water on cold side before the heater.

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Didn't I post this already, or has OP multi-posted. Your hot water heater will last longer if it's not full of sediment. Put in a whole house filter on the cold side near the shutoff and enjoy better water throughout the house. Will be kinder to dishwasher, washing machine and your kidneys.

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