Liftmaster garage opener problem -- flickering light

mrmichaeljmooreFebruary 1, 2008

I have a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

(Sorry, I dont have the model # as I write this, but I can get it and post it, if needed.)

The problem I am having is with the opener light bulb.

The opener works fine.

But, the light either flickers or doesn't come on.

I've tightened the bulb numerous times.....that seems to solve the problem but only for a few days.

Then it's back to flickering or not coming on at all.

Any ideas??


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You can try unplugging the unit and pulling out on the center contact in the socket. There have also been some complaints of certain bulbs not working. Try another manufacturer and style of bulb.

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My liftmaster did this repeatedly, driving me nuts, even after pulling out on that center contact tab at the bottom of the light bulb socket. It'd work for a while and then revert to flickering. If the bulb was overtightened it wouldn't light; if it was undertightened it would light but soon revert to flickering. I could never find the sweet spot to keep it lit for more than a month or so before it would start flickering again, and eventually just go out completely.

The garage door installer told me to wind some teflon plumber tape around the bulb threads and that would solve it. Well, that helped keep the bulb in place for maybe a few weeks longer before it failed again.

Finally I pulled the power cord (again, for what seemed like the fiftieth time) and stuck a small, perhaps 1/4", length of synthetic rubber pencil eraser behind the center contact tab, in the bottom of the socket. That way when I tighten the light bulb it slightly compresses the eraser, forcing the contact tab against the bottom of the bulb and ensuring a tight fit. The snugness also prevents the bulb from vibrating loose (you can also wind a bit of teflon plumbers tape around part of the bulb base threads to help tighten it up, as suggested to me by the garage door installer).

This solution has worked now for well over a year. Not bad since I messed with tightening and retaping the bulb repeatedly for well over a year prior to the fix. I'm not sure that UL would approve of my methods...

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