how/where does the money go!!!!!!

pineconeSeptember 3, 2002

Just wondering how you are coping with a down turn in your income if you are retired and have income from stocks, bonds, 401k plans and Ira plans????

As a neighbor said old age it takes a lot of money to pay for the Maintance that our decaying bodies need to keep us going.

I also wonder how many of you are working part time now with the down turn........?????


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We are doing okay so far. Hubby is retired from the Air Force after 23 years, then he got a job with Civil Service and retired again after 20 years, plus he and I both get social security. I am thinking of getting a part time job, not because we need the money, but because I am getting bored being at home. Vique.

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We didn't have a down turn in income. We were saving so much of his pay before retirement, that we were down right poor. After retirement we felt rich.

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