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jannieSeptember 10, 2007

My husband and I have started to think we are senior citizens. What do you think? He is age 60, has multiple sclerosis, walks with a cane, quit work 2002. She is 54, has kidney failure and gets dialysis, quit work 2005. Our 2 daughters are teenagers but both finished high school. We own our own home, both receive a govt pension. The female half recently joined AARP. The male half has a handicapped parking permit. Are we seniors?

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Smells a lot like it to me, Jannie.

Do you sometimes qualify for senior discounts?

Good wishes to both of you. I hope that there may be some improvement in your situation.

ole joyful

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Yes, DH always gets a senior discount. Ge's totally gray but has a full head of hair, so Itell him he looks good. I was hospitalized last month, the nurse saw my chart, looked at my date of birth , and swore she had the wring patient. She made my day! Thanks for the opinion, OJ.

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We both have our Medicare cards.

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