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lulie___wayneSeptember 29, 2003

Hey, all. My retirement party is next Monday. I really didn't want a party because this is my second year being away from work. Last year, I was on leave but knew I wasn't going back, so I considered myself retired.

Anyway, I HATE with a passion being the center of attention in any situation.

I want to write my coworkers a little letter letting them know how much I love them and have enjoyed being with them all these years. In addition to that, I would like to include a poem or something having to do with retirement. Does anyone know of a good site to find these? Or a good book?



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Hey, Lu,

It's nice to receive appreciation - especially when it's deserved.

You respect, appreciate and have affection for your co-workers. Most likely they feel the same way about you.

I hope that you won't look forward to and go to the gathering with apprehension, fear, or worry: my Grandma, who died over 50 years ago, used to say, "Don't cross bridges till you get there". But I think that message is not relevant here - for this isn't a bridge that you need to fear crossing, even when you get there.

I hope that you'll look forward to it with anticipation and expectation of having a great old time - one that you can remember for years.

No doubt they'll have a skit about some funny or silly thing that happened during your years together. There'll be some laughing, maybe some singing.

So much of our relationship at work is serious and busy, that it's really great to deal with our friends made there, that we've spent so many years with, on another level, a social level, where we can let our hair down and have some fun, with no worries or deadlines.

A great stress-reliever is laughter (not directed at someone).

Just think how much stress-relief there'll be for your pals during the celebration.

There's some self-interest on the part of the other celebrants, as well - they can think, "One of these days - I'll be in her shoes, sitting in that chair, ready to enjoy retirement!"

I think that sometimes our worry about being the centre of attention is because we are shy, or fearful that we'll be embarrassed by saying or doing something wrong.

No fear of that in a celebration like this - everyone's looking forward to having a really happy, fun-filled time.

Be gracious, courteous, thank folks for gifts that you may receive - and enjoy.

What's so terrible about that?

Tell each one during the course of the evening some specific thing that you remember about them that you've appreciated, if you can.

Good wishes to you and all of your friends at work,

joyful guy/Ed

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Just wanted to let you know that my retirement party went beautifully. Everything was decorated so nicely, I got many gifts and my special friends were all there. I made it! Instead of doing a big speech at the party, I wrote what was in my heart in the school's thank you note.

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Congratulations, Lulie! I hope retirement is wonderful for you! Girl, we just get around on EVERY forum, don't we?? LOL

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Hi again Lulie,
How really great that your party went so well!

You'll be able to remember that for a good long time.

I hope that you are enjoying good health. And adequate income.

Keep as active as you can - not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well. An interest in a nunmber of things keeps us going and delays the deterioration of aging, I think.

Find some new friends.

Do some volunteering - our society needs a lot of things that we can offer to help things run more smoothly.

Is there a senior's centre nearby? Or ... more than one. Sometimes one finds people of limited interests at one, but people with many more irons in the fire at another.

Some people like to start a home-based business ... even if they don't need the money. It enables them to get out, talk to people, offer something of service to others, etc.

What great opportunities lie before you - get some in operation and enjoy life to the fullest!

Good wishes for the coming months.

joyful guy/Ed

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