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joeykbasileFebruary 28, 2010


I've read the plaster posts.

My room had paneling over plaster. The large finish nails and 100 year old cracks seem daunting to a novice plasterer. I'm not bad at sheetrock compound, but have limited experience with plaster. The Easysand 90 is encouraging. Should I take the time to fix up the plaster or put 1/4" sheetrock over the plaster? I have no intention of removing the plaster and lathing.

I did one small area with patching plaster mixed with sheetrock mud and it looks good, but took time. I don't want to ruin my plaster walls with sheetrock, but need advice on plaster application. Thanks Joey

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Throw the "patching plaster" away.
It is a horrible product not really suitable for much of anything.

Old finish plaster was a mix of lime putty and gauging plaster. Setting joint compounds are a modern version.

You can skim the surface with Easysand and the work will go much faster with a plasterer's trowel instead of drywall knives.

You want a trowel with a decent handle diameter, like at least 1.5 to 2 inches.

The little 3/4 inch round handles are not worth working with.

When you use the trowel to spread over a large area you rotate your hand slightly to raise the edge of the trowel in the direction of movement.

The trailing edge leaves the surface with a smooth finish.
When you sweep back in the other direction, rotate the trowel to raise the leading edge.

I only do large areas a few times a year and it still takes some time to get back into the correct movements and rhythm of sweeping back and forth to spread the plaster smoothly.

Start in a less visible area like behind a door, or in the wall adjacent to the room entrance.

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