Undermount Sink Mounting Problem (stainless, no clips, silestone)

fitz91701February 19, 2013

Three years ago, I posted to this board my triumphant pictures of my new counters and cabinets. Come to find out my "awesome countertop guy"'s crew (knuckleheads) installed the sink with no clips and just drywall screws and silicone holding it up.
It started to separate so I cleaned out all the old silicone, and that left a big bouncy gap. I shot clear GE Silicone II into the gap, then shoved the big 1x8 up between the halves and wedged it. Gave it one toe screw and one screw to the base cabinet (too much interference with pipes in the back to but another couple of screws in). I was going to try to redo the edges and "fix" the mounting, but it became apparent quickly that trying to reinforce the long edges was not going to work (there is only 1-1/2" clearance between the sink bowls and the faucet hardware.
Now the sink is VERY sturdy. It is not the right way to install, but it was the only way to fix it...

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here is pic of the small amount of leaking and screws and missing screw due to splitting wood

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Here is a pic of the air gap.

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It is a double sink, so the 1x8 goes all the way up between the halves and gives it support.

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very clever! Do you think that the sink setter would have worked in this case? I am not affiliated.

Here is a link that might be useful: sink setter link

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