PSA: don't quilt when...

ironkitDecember 8, 2010

... when you're on heavy pain medication.

Today, I screwed up the batting/backing/top order TWICE on the baby quilt I was birthing. Now, I have to cut a half inch off on all sides (it's okay, the border was too big anyway) to make it even again.

So, moral of the story? When on pain medication, or under the influence, save the quilting for later!

~ Kit

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I've only had to take heavy pain medication a couple of times in my entire life, but can't imagine even WANTING to quilt while doing so. I won't even do anything important after having a single beer except maybe to take a nap. I make enough mistakes straight and sober as it is. I pray that I'm never in such bad pain for an extended amount of time (knock on wood) that I would be forced to quilt in that condition.

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I've been known to have a few glasses of wine in the evening and think I can work on my hand applique. I've learned the hard way that I can't do that!

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I'm like Rita. I don't need to be 'enhanced' to make a boo-boo.....don't touch the rotary cutter, either!


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I normally function pretty well on my narcotics, but I guess yesterday wasn't going well. I can knit just fine, but urrrrg.

This quilt is going to be the quilt of many mistakes.

~ Kit

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I tried quilting while recuperating from knee surgery a few years ago. It was not a successful attempt!

However, a friend and I will often get together for a sewing Saturday and enjoy a bottle of wine while quilting. Haven't noticed a bad result from that (yet). Like LafondaRanch, I can not do hand applique well after a glass or two though!


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Strangely a glass or two of wine enhances my FMQ, though. Guess it's a relaxation thing.

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Sorry you're feeling bad Kit. I can't even quilt with a head cold!!!!!

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Rosa, I'm perpetually 'feeling bad'. It's my natural state.

Turns out the third time's the charm, though. Look for pictures tomorrow! The quilting is halfway done... yay!

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