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anna13February 27, 2013

Hi All,

Just a quick question for those of you that are more knowledgeable then me LOL!

How many eaves trough downpipes should there be on a 1145 sq foot house and where should they be situated?

At the present time I have one on the front draining downwards towards the street. Another one on the back draining towards the back yard and a 3rd one going over the roof of an attached garage draining to the front towards the street. I am thinking of removing the one draining towards the back because some of the water is starting to flow towards the front yard and since the ground is frozen I am worried that it will pool against my house and cause flooding.

I had new eaves installed and the contractor asked me if I would like one of the downspouts draining to the back. Silly me not thinking clearly said OK, but he, as a professional should have known better as the land is slopping towards the street. It's a long story, but a year after the eaves installation our new neighbour changed the lay of the land between our houses. Although he promised me that he would put back the swale that was there previously after he did his waterproofing, that never happened, so now the water cannot run naturally down the swale.

Do you think the 2 downpipes in the front is enough or should I add a 3rd one? Also, if I got a contractor to come and remove the downpipe in the back and plug it somehow should I have a concern of it leaking in the future?

Thank you so much for your input, I really appreciate it.


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You can't just plug a downspout. The eaves troughs will have to be changed to slope towards the front of the house. It may not look like it to the naked eye, but the troughs aren't perfectly flat.

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The number of downspouts is a function of the local amount of rain.

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Thank you Greg and bridkeyee. I did a bit more research and am now aware of the sloping. Silly me, should of thought it through before agreeing to have one placed at the back of the house. Now I have to have it removed, patched and another one put in the front where I had it before. Live and learn :-(

Have a good day.

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