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agnesdDecember 20, 2012

I'm just going to start the BOM Stitcher's Garden. I would like to know of any helpful hints from those who have participated in this project. Experience is the best teacher and would appreciate any and all things that you can advise. This is the most expensive quilt that I have attempted. Are all the extra feet necessary? Thanks a bunch. On a limited budget.

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Assuming this is the project shown on Utube, I wouldn't use any of those feet. I'd do it as a needle turn applique. Much cheaper and for me, much easier.

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I started that project on my own (not a BOM) getting my kits through my LQS. I'm like toolgranny, I also did needle turn on most of my blocks. I did enjoy trying some of the different techniques. That was one of the things that drew me to the quilt. I've gotten side tracked and not finished the quilt. I still have a few kits left before I finish it. Hopefully I can get it done soon!! I'll be anxious to see how yours goes and get me motivated to finish mine!


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I'm stymied at what to use as a stabilizer. Some suggest Battalizer from Hoop Sisters but it sells for over $100. What about a thin batting?

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I just looked up the picture and what a cheerful, happy quilt. Looking forward to seeing a picture of yours.

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