My Retirement is not getting any closer

JudithSeptember 23, 2003

Originally I had hoped to retire at age 62. But, 62 came and went and I was not financially ready. Then, 65 was my plan. I turned 65 this past August. I would be eligible for full retirement at 2 months past my birthday and had planned for the past 3 years to retire on October 31 of this year. It isn't going to happen. I have paid off all of my credit cards but one and I only owe $200 on it. But, my main plan for my retirement income was to sell a piece of property that I have in another state that has been in our family since 1936. I had received on average of 6 to 8 letters a year from realtors and individials wanting to buy or sell my property. Now I have it up for sale and have run into a very big snag. Due to construction around my property, 9 acres, it is now considered too wet to build on without a lot of work and now, no one seems interested. So, I figure I may be working for at least another year. I didn't plan very well for my retirement and was depending on the sale of this property and now it looks like that might not happen. I hope this can be a learning experience for those who still have a few years before their retirement. Take a lot of time and thought to plan your retirement and be aware that things might not go as planned.

I heard on the radio this morning that in a recent survey, 7 out of 10 people pland to work beyond age 65 and many of those plan to work into their 70s and even their 80s. The reason stated was because of financial problems. I signed up for Social Security anyway and that amount will help with my current financial problems. In my opinion, people aren't as "old" anymore at 65 as they used to be. I know that I am not as old as my mother was at my age. Just this past Saturday I first loaded (at the supplier's barn) and then unloaded my pickup truck of several bales of hay and four 50 pound bags of feed, then mowed my yard and trimmed some trees and shrubs and only quit then because it was getting dark. Judith

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Judith, sometimes we have to jump right in and do it! That is retire..I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect plan, but if you've managed to get yourself out of debt and can live on SS go for it. Your a relatively young lady with energy NOW, you might give some thought to another career that would be less demanding & give you more time to enjoy what you have. Good Luck!

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Judith, I agree with calpat. I kinda think trying to find the "right time" for retirement is kind of like finding the "right time" to have a baby! LOL

If we waited until everything was in a row, I bet none of us would EVER retire! Just a thought. Hope you can retire soon, if that's what you want to do.

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I guess I am really getting depressed about not being able to retire because for several years I planned to retire this Oct. 31 and now that time is less than 2 weeks away, and I am afraid I will never get to retire. I have worked for 46 years and I want out. I worked hard for 6 years to get my credit cards paid off and they finally are, but I have a whole new set of problems. I am now faced with the prospect of my land not selling if it is not engineered. I will have to do the engineering and I have an estimate for $9,500 from an engineer. The town is putting in a sewer line by that property and I will have to pay for 2 sewer taps that could run anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 a piece, my car needs $2,000 urgent repairs, my house needs repairs, the roof leakes, the plumbing needs lots of work and I just don't know what to do. I could very easily end up $15,000 in debt, and I just found out that I need another major dental procedure that could cost up to $2,000. There is just no way I can see my way to retire and that is what I want so much.

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