Ext door steel or fiberglass or?

caliroseFebruary 9, 2010

The exterior door leading to the deck on the back of our home is going to need replaced. It gets full sun in the summer (nwTN) that causes a lot of contraction-expansion and constant upkeep with caulking. Currently it is a steel door, double glass with 15-lite design (not 15individual panes). Recently replacing the door sweep on the bottom of the door noticed that a portion of the door had rusted out and foam insulation deteriorated. A temporary fix of neutralizing the rust and filling with spray foam and recaulking has done the job of blocking air and condensation. This door is original to the house, 18 yrs old.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I need advice on what kind of replacement door to get. And must I get the surrounding framework.

Thanks for your help.

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The link below may help in your decision......

Here is a link that might be useful: Doors

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If you are in an area where storm doors are commonly used and you go that rote as well, make sure the storm door has an operable pane that you can open as facing the sun in the summer will allow a tremendous amount of heat to develop between the storm door and the entry door that can lead to damage to the entry door.

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Thank you for your replies.

The door site gives good information about materials!

Good reminder about the storm door, we were told not to put a storm door because of the heat, as you mentioned.

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While the door site gives good information about materials, it says nothing about the code required energy ratings for doors.

Door installed in calirose's location need to be energy rated at at least a U-40 to provide maximum insulation value in summer and in winter.

You need to examine the literature or sticker on any door you choose for energy rating first and materials only secondarily.

How well the door is insulated will also help to determine just how well the door materials will perform in your climate zone...and how well it will do is saving you heating and cooling energy dollars.

Look for energy rating first, and only then, materials secondly.

Less glass and more insulation will provide you with a more efficient door.

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Thank you Manhattan42 - I hadn't seen any info on insulation values. I will definitely make that my first priority.

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