Craftsman Garage door opener operates on it's own!

Geno02February 1, 2011

I have, what I think is, a model 139.43778 (18 yrs. old) Craftsman opener. The remotes have dip switches but the motor head has none(that I can find but has a button and red light). I bought a new Chev truck and tried to program the trucks internal opener system to my door and that did not work. But, now the door opens at random. I assumed it was the truck until today I came home and found the door opened (I had the truck with me.) All other openers are without batteries.

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One of your neighbors might be opening it with their remote.

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Go over to the garage & storage forum I think it's called, it's almost all garage door openers. Most of them Craftsman. They have some repairmen that will help you out.

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Sorry, its Garages/workshops forum. If you are looking for another forum go to top of page & bar that says "forums" click on that section & then forum you want. There are around 150 or more forums. Some are very busy & some are about dead. There are a lot of nice ones tho & few that seem to attract sales people trying to sell something. Cooking, cleaning, all types of gardening,grief, caretaker, remodeling, porches. something for everyone! Good Luck!

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The most common cause of this is either a bad wall button or the wiring to it. You can try eliminating both of these possibilities by removing the wire to terminal #1 on the rear of the motor unit. If it is the wiring it is usually a staple that has cut through the insulation.

You can hold the button in on the rear of the motor unit for 6 seconds. That will erase the memory and none of your remotes will work. Now hold the button down on the remote and then press and immediately release the button on the back of the motor unit. Do this for each of your remotes.

The odds are the unit in your truck will not work with this old opener because the radio frequency was changed in 2005.

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don1: I disconnected the wall unit and, so far, I haven't had a "ghost" opening. I also tried the cancel sequence and it did NOT work. Does this have any significance?

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