nycbluedevil final kitchen reveal

nycbluedevilApril 24, 2013

HOnestly, I don't know if this will work. I have spent hours on this today trying to figure out how to link my pictures. If this works, then I will post the details by replying to my own thread. If it doesn't work and someone can figure out how to make my pictures appear, I would be grateful. Thanks for your patience!

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The link doesn't work for me.....

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Your link didn't work for me, but I'm posting what I think is the correct link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: nycbluedevil's kitchen photos

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The link worked for me.... Great job! I cannot wait to take time to look at all your pics and checkout all of your storage tricks. I have included the link that worked for me below. Perhaps it ill work for others.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nycbluedevil kitchen

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nycbluedevil, if you want to post the pictures directly in your post, this is what you do. Open up the picture you want to post. On the right side of the page about a fourth of the way down the page, there's a box titled "Image Links." If you click on the text inside the box labeled "HTML code" it will copy. You can then paste the text inside the message on your post, and the photo should show up when you publish the post. You can use the "preview post" feature to make sure everything is working before you publish. Hope this helps.

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Okay! Wowzers! Loving the bee hive lights and the pattern on the ceiling. Your wood is warm and lovely, making your kitchen very inviting. The faucet is beautiful and I love your counters, backsplash, creative organization! Who knew you could have a dedicated tea drawer? Please share the details of your awesome kitchen!

Congratulations and enjoy!

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The link worked for me. Love your kitchen - cabinets, range, backsplash are beautiful!

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Love your cabinets and the backsplash! Just beautiful! Enjoy your new kitchen!

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So pretty!! Okay now you know how to post them. So now it's time for a new thread with lots of pics and details. Get to work! :)

A teaser:

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You guys are amazing! Thank you so much. I know how to post because I have done it successfully before but I just couldn't make it work this time.

Here are the details and a bit of commentary:

Cabinets--Rutt Classic walnut. They are inset with a tawny stain. The cabinets are awesome. All the little details are wonderful. I was going to go with the Rutt Regency line, which is about 20% less than the Classic, but changed my mind at the last minute. The walnut interiors just called to me, what can I say?

Counters--calacatta caldia marble. They are honed. Yes, they etch but I don't care. They are not as smooth as I had expected. I may need to get them rehoned in a couple of years. But they are so pretty and make me so happy.

Subzero 36" French door fridge--I had a Subzero last time (42" sxs) and would never have another fridge. We downsized a bit to fit the wine cooler. The fridge is the same size as our last SZ but the freezer is a bit small for major Costco runs. But we are empty nesters most of the time so it is ok.

Miele Diamond DW--wow, I thought my last Miele was great but this is over the top. Last minute upgrade from the Dimension (there is a pattern here...)

Miele Chef Speed oven--we went with the lower model. I like the knobs and I thought they would be especially good because we installed undercounter, so we can program by feel and don't have to bend.

Uline wine cooler--this was a real value. We needed a wine cooler with a recessed handle because of our tight walkway and Miele was the only other maker that offered a recessed handle. But it was almost $3,000 which felt really foolish t me. The Uline was half the price and it is fine.

Blue Star 36" RNB with grill--love, love, LOVE!

Modernaire 42" PS11 hood--great but loud. I could only do an 8" duct which probably contributes to the noise level but at least I have a ducted hood in Manhattan!

Waterstone 5600 PLP pulldown faucet, hot/cold filtration faucet, air switch and soap dispenser--worth the splurge. Gorgeous and rock solid. One nice surprise--I ordered only the hot faucet but they sent me the hot/cold and said just keep it and enjoy. That turned out really nice. Even though we can't fit a filter underneath the sink with all the other stuff under there (hot water tank and big GD), the double faucet lets someone get a drink while someone else is using hot water at the main faucet. We don't have a prep sink so this is really nice.

Julien 30 x 18 x 10 sink (J7--small radius)--very happy with it.

Forms and Surfaces cabinet pulls--big splurge but I get lots of compliments.

Cliff side latches for top cabinets

Marmoleum floor--forest ground tiles with dark bistre accent

Chameleon lighting beehive lights--way cool, love the shadows

Hera lighting under cabinet lights (LED)

Hunter Douglas bamboo shade

I can't say enough about you folks. Without you (I discovered GW right before my bathrooms renovation a couple of years ago--that's where I learned about Washlets!), I never would have known about Blue Star or speed ovens. So thank you!

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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I just love the cabinet stain! Enjoyed reading the details, especially about the appliances. And I'd never noticed your pulls before; had to go back and look. They are fabulous. Great kitchen, congratulations!!

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Literally dropping off at the moment, but had to say I LOVE you cabinets! I must get walnut next time, I'm already almost regretting that.

Can't wait to browse through the rest tomorrow!

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Beautiful kitchen! I can see why you were seduced by the walnut interiors--that wood grain is is certainly stunning!

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The cabinets are gorgeous, and I love the way the light from the beehive lights plays off the ceiling.

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nycbd, that is utterly gorgeous! the beehive lights are so amazing.

those walnut interiors are also so perfectly luxurious. love the walnut knife block too. i can see why you decided to splurge on those. your miele dw is like jewelry too.

one question, do you have to work at keeping the contents inside your glass cabinets tidy? i am debating whether to do something clear (which is gorgeous) or more obscure because as I am not as tidy..

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And I am jealous - always loved walnut but couldn't have for one reason or another... :-)

I am sure you'll enjoy it very much! Love the lights too.

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Yay, I've been waiting for this! Your cabinets and drawers are gorgeous, love the dishwasher (what fun) and the Waterstone faucet too. Your backsplash looks terrific too. I'm on the iPad and will be back for another look on my PC so I can see all the details:)


(Edited to correct spelling of yay)

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What a beautiful kitchen! Everything is perfect. You must have such a big smile each time you walk into the room :).

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Gorgeous! Love all the walnut. Very luxurious! We are doing a walnut island in our renovation too:)

Interesting how the cabinets look like they have two different stains in the two different pictures posted above.

Congratulations, well done!

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Wow! That is exquisite! Everything is first class. I'll bet you can't stop staring at the walnut grain, and the rich marble and everything!

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Lovely-though I think that I might spend too much time lying on the floor enjoying the light patterns cast on the ceiling if it were my kitchen :-)

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I love your kitchen. It is one of my favorites. Your cabinets are stunning. When I look at them I just know they will age beautifully. I wish I had been able to afford cabinet replacement in our kitchen remodel, but we had bigger fish to fry. Are you still thinking about the plant wall??

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nycbluedevil, what is your backsplash material, and what size are the tiles?

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Taggie--you are an angel posting those two pics. I was having trouble copying the code. I just tried it again from my work computer and while easier, I just got one of the pictures copied and then the second one copied about ten separate times, so I am at my wit's end and may give up.

Dazed noted that the cabinet stain looks different on the different cabinet runs. It is just the light and the angle from which I took the pictures.

Oh, there is one detail I left out. The counter stools are from McGuire. I ordered them online. They were on clearance--yay!

Michou--it is not hard keeping the stuff behind the glass neat. I did just enough glass to store all the things that stack and store nicely. I bought new drinking glasses so they all match. So the dishes are in the left, the glasses are in the middle and on the right, I put less-used things and things that are a bit larger (so they look less cluttered). It all worked out well. The rest of the uppers on that run store breakfast cereal, dried fruit, nuts, etc. and the one on the right stores miscellaneous plates, cups, measuring cups, etc.--just the sort of thing that would look messy. So I kept them hidden behind solid doors. I think you need to figure out what you are going to store where and that may help you decide on what glass to use.

Marina--I think I have ditched the plant wall. Too much maintenance. I put the lucky bamboo in the corner for a bit of green. I will probably hang something, either a couple of framed botanical prints or some small shelf-type thing, on the wall. Any ideas? There was going to be a TV there, but we don't need to do it anymore now that I have trained DH to eat in the kitchen and not on a TV tray in the living room. He likes the kitchen enough to eat at the counter with me!

Jellytoast--the backsplash is calacatta caldia 6 x 18 tiles.The space was too small to do anything more involved. Needed to kep it quiet.

oldbat--your kitchen is amazing, so kudos from you mean a lot! Not to exclude anyone else here, but oldbat's stands out and has gotten a bit of attention over the last couple of days:-)

Now that my kitchen and the two main bathrooms are done, I have no projects left :-(, although there are a couple of miscellaneous pieces of furniture for the foyer and art for the dining room that I have to buy.

And last but not least, the good news and the bad news. Our eldest daughter is graduating from college in a couple of weeks, and unable to afford the outrageous rent in NYC on the salary she will be making in her new job (at least she has a job!), she will move home. Her bedroom is the space on the left of the dining room that is beyond the partly opened French doors. That was part of the renovation. We moved the door to that space from being a single door on one side to being a six-foot wide opening with French doors to maximize the light and airflow into the dining room and the space beyond. It was not designed to be very private--the thought was that we turn the wall into a wall bed and have it be a sitting room off the dining room (this used to be the back half of a very large dining room). Our daughter's original thought was that she wanted to live in another city. Well, that plan changed! So now we have to convince her to abandon her "bedroom" and move into the more private but small maid's room off the back of the kitchen.

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Gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I really love the combination of warm walnut with marble. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Oh, that is just lovely. Well done! I'd love to cook in there!!

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Congratulations, loving the the walnut and the pendant, especially.

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NYC, well done!!! It must have cost big bucks, but it shows -- gorgeous cabinets, counter, storage & first class appliances. Wow, a light inside the dishwasher; that's a new one for me. Thanks for the reveal.

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Kathy Rivera

I had to come check it out after your posted in my thread about opening to the DR...yours is so much better than mine will ever be! LOL Beautiful!

But it does give a girl inspiration!

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NYCBD - Your kitchen is wonderful. I wanted to wait until I could see it on a computer vs my phone. Love the mommy and baby Waterstone faucets (of course), Love you drawer organization, Love your cabinets - they look so well built, Love your hood, well, just love everything about your kitchen.

Hope you enjoy the time with your daughter - I am sure she will help you in the awesome kitchen! Thank you for sharing!

BTW - Is that LED lighting inside the DW?

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Everyone, thanks so much once again for all the compliments. Yes, I am really enjoying this kitchen.

A2--I knew you would chime in at some point! Are you still considering doing your bathroom(s)? Those are in fact LEDs in the DW. I thought it was frivolous but I really do like them. My eyesight is not what it used to be. And I like the auto close feature. Sort of like a soft-close door on a cabinet.

I have been trying to think about what I might have done differently or what I miss that I could not figure out how to do. A few things.

I think I should have made the toe kick an inch smaller to allow my bottom drawers to be an inch deeper. The one thing that annoys me is that I don't have room for a tall pot. I do have an eight inch stockpot with a pasta insert but it doesn't fill with enough water so as not to overflow and still get a box of spaghetti in the pot and cover it all at one time. My very tall twelve quart pot is stored in the window seat and is not that convenient to access.

I also should have designed the knife insert better.

I don't have vertical storage for cookie sheets and trays. There was literally no place for it. So the trays go in the dining room and the cookie sheets lay underneath the baking pans. Noisy.

I probably didn't need a 1hp GD. A smaller one would have given me a bit more room under the sink and probably worked just as well.

And maybe I should have gotten the range in a color. However, I was terrified to choose one because I am so bad with color. So I played it safe with the stainless. I also have wondered about the Marcus Samuelsson range because I would have loved the French door with the tight space we have and the metal finishes are really cool. But after reading persimmon's tale of woe and someone's comment on her thread that the doors on that model are a problem, I think I made the right decision.

In truth, these are minor quibbles. I really thought this thing out and I feel that I got it right. Nothing can ever be perfect.

Now back to the chicken Marbella for company tomorrow (I love that dish) and the shrimp scampi for me and hubby tonight.

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We haven't started our bathrooms but I remember your posts that got me started. I figured out a few options for plans but need KD or BD to help hone them down.
We definitely went over budget with our kitchen, so letting the dust settle.
Then there is the Vitamix problem - WS is offering either the dry or a smaller wet vessel for $50 with a purchase of a Vitamix. I was holding out for the next CC cycle but this might just motivate me. Just have to figure out the wet or dry extra vessel...

LEDs in the DW - how decadent - but love it. I have the Elux fridge with the LEDs and thought it was a bit much but love them whenever I open my fridge. The fridge has saved so much energy and food, it was worth the additional amount to smile when I open the door.

We want pictures of Chicken Marbella and of course the recipe...

Thanks again for sharing - some day, I will get to NYC and check out that kitchen!!!

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Absolutely gorgeous! Those LED lights are super bright. Love that.

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I hear you on the Vitamix. That's where your tax refund money is going, right?

My take on the VM is that the dry container is not that big a deal. The small wet one is great because it fits under the wall cabinets. Personally, I think that is much more useful. I have been reading about them because I am really tempted. I think someone said that the advantage of the dry container is that it doesn't scratch when you mix grains and other dry stuff. I don't know which model you are looking at and whether you need the big container. If you want the small container and one container is enough, the the 750 might make sense. Then you wouldn't have to buy something else and store it.

About the chicken Marbella--pictures are apparently too much of an ordeal for me because I am a true techno idiot--but it is really easy. Do you have the Silver Palate cookbook? The recipe is in there and you can find it easily online. It is an old standby from the Silver Palate gourmet shop that operated on the Upper West Side for a long time. There is no one that does not love this dish. It is basically chicken quarters marinated in olive oil, red wine vinegar, a head of minced garlic, oregano, green olives, prunes, capers and bay leaves. You marinate it overnight then before cooking sprinkle on a cup of brown sugar and a cup of white wine. Bake for an or or so. Scrumptious!!!

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May I just say those cabinets are gorgeous! I am always impressed by the excellent design of smaller kitchens in metropolitan areas. Kudos to you on a job well done!

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Holly- Kay


Your kitchen is just stunning! You have me ruined though. I have been shopping on-line since Tuesday looking at lighting and just nothing compares to your lovely beehive lights!

Each time I view your kitchen I fall more in love with it! You should be proud. Your kitchen is a stellar example of a beautifuly planned and executed project.

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I love the cabinets, the counters, the LED lights under the cabinets and the way everything comes together so nicely. At least your daughter is blessed to be able to move back home and will be happy she has a job and in time will earn more to move out.

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NYC, your cabinets are drop dead gorgeous, well worth whatever you paid. Love the contrast of your white counters against the dark wood, as well as your sink style and faucet. Everything looks classy.

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Thanks loads for the final kitchen reveal pics. Very nice. (and helpful too)

I had one question about a comment, "... Subzero last time (42" sxs) and would never have another fridge." Just mildly curious about that. I don't want to miss any of your observations/experience. :)

Thank you for sharing so much!

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Wow--so jarring to see my name pop up on page 1 out of the blue!

I just really love Sub Zero. I think that the fridges perform fabulously. The difference in food freshness is really noticeable. And their customer service is superb. I just have peace of mind with SZ. We had the old 42" sxs for 12 or 13 years and never had one single problem with it. And so far, so good with the new one. Yes, SZ is really expensive but I think the difference is worth it.

About the freshness--my eldest daughter moved out last month to get her own apartment. We are all big salad eaters--we go through the one pound boxes of pre-washed greens in three days at the most. They always stay fresh in our fridge. She has trouble keeping smaller bags of salad fresh in her Kitchen Aid fridge (admittedly probably a lower end model, but still...)

As I think I mentioned somewhere in the thread, I went with the 36" French door model this time around because I wanted my produce at waist level and wanted to be able to store wide things like party platters. The side by side was limited in width and I had to bend down to get a piece of fruit. So I am really happy about those two differences. I also like the freezer on bottom because I open the fridge about 10 times for every time I open the freezer. I don't use much ice, other than for smoothies, and am a sworn enemy of ice or water in the door.

The freezer is admittedly a bit small and I was a little concerned about that when I made my buying decision. But I didn't really have a choice because I didn't want the side by side again. The freezer is about 2/3 the size of the freezer on the 42" s x s. When my kids lived at home all the time, I think a freezer that size would have been a bit inconvenient without a second freezer somewhere else (and since we live in an apartment, that somewhere else means an actual room). But the kids are mostly gone now. Also, I have a lot more time on my hands and like to cook almost every day (loving that Blue Star!), so I have less reason to cook and freeze. I just have to be strategic when we make a Costco run!

I hope that answers your question, bend-or.

A bit off-topic, do you live in Bend, Oregon? We did a bike trip from Ashland to Bend a few years ago. We thought that it was a really beautiful part of the country.

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NYC! As everyone says "GORGEOUS!" Looks great and is well organized/functional. I think your daughter saw all of the renovations and then decided best to live at home :)

I agree the Classic was worth the upgrade since you did Walnut. I love the Rutt inserts. The one tiny, tiny thing you might consider is selling the red mixer and getting an orange one to match the dutch oven pot. I really like the way the orange looks with the walnut (not that the red looks bad, it's just that I like the orange).

As for what you will do with your time . . . comment on our renos, of course. I have to start planning our master bath reno I expect it will take more time than the kitchen since we might not go custom for the vanity and therefore won't have designer input

At any rate, enjoy your kitchen!

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I love your kitchen so much and I love the red mixer! I think the orange dutch oven pot looks fine and I like both the orange and red with your gorgeous cabinets but prefer the red a little bit more.

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I have a question regarding your gorgeous inset walnut cabinets. I see no stiles in the middle with butt doors which is what I want with inset. What is your widest cabinet? I love your backsplash and can't seem to find any thing about it. Please do share.

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Thanks. You are right. No stiles. Having stiles would have driven me crazy. All the short wall cabinets on the sink wall are 36" and are 27" on the range wall. There is a magnet catch on the bottom only on the double door cabinets with a magnet catch also on the top of the single door cabinets. Even Rutt's magnets are nice. All metal and no plastic. One thing I really like about the Rutt Classic is that there is no lip at all on the bottom of the cabinet, so I can just slide things out without lifting if I want to.

The backsplash is honed calacatta caldia, same as my counters. The tiles are 6 x 18. I wanted to minimize grout so I went with a larger tile. The backsplash was meant to disappear really. The space is too small for another strong element--the walnut really stands out.

It's nice to hear from all you folks. I am having a rough patch at work but kitchen kudos always cheer me up.

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NYCbluedevil, thank you for sharing! Yes, I do not want stiles if I can avoid it.

I just love your backsplash and counters so much! Thanks for sharing.

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