My first remodel

marstarOctober 30, 2010

I just finished remodeling a 10 x 13 room and need advice before I move on to the next rooms in a couple of days. I want to make sure I am doing the right thing. The room looks beautiful, but I want to make sure I am not overpaying for the work. I am in Los Angeles.

I hired 2 handymen to do the following:

1)remove popcorn (looked like it came off easy)

2)remove textured orange peel walls

3)add crown and base moulding and casing around one window and door

4)install hardwood floors (which I am now hearing popping noises since install yesterday, that is a whole other question)

They told me it would cost $1600 for 5 days of work. What bothered me is that they would lock the door a lot, they told me I would ruin what they were working on if I were to just walk in. That didn't leave a good impression on me, this is the reason why I am asking you for help. They told me it would take 5 days and it took exactly that amount of time (I am paying them per hour per guy). I am also hearing a lot of popping noises coming from that room, I can only think its from hardwood floors and hope not a ghost on this halloween weekend lol. It's popped about 5 times since the install yesterday, the house sits on a raised foundation and it rained all night if that information helps.

Let me know what you think and what the average price for something like this. I have only received quotes from General Contractors, but didn't compare with handymen.

Thank you!

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Who purchased the material?
Who did the painting?

As a general rule, 3x the cost of the material is equitable.

Remove acoustic from ceiling------$1.00 sq.ft. (Incl. disp.)
Crown, base, case molding------- $ 3-7 lineal ft.(incl. Matl)
Cure wall texture---------------$1-2 sq.ft.(Incl. Matl.)
Wood floor--------------------$3-5 sq.ft.
Fill, caulk, sand, prime and paint---$400 (Incl. Matl.)

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I bought all the miscellaneous painting supplies which was $300 for the whole house like the plastic for the floor and paper for the hallway, tape, dust masks, roller cover, plaster etc. I also bought the paint and moulding on top of the supplies. I pay them $320 a day to do the work. I am just wondering if $1600 for 5 days is too much 2 handyman and if that is too much time needed? And if 2 handymen are needed everyday at all times? I was not happy when they locked the door a couple of times, I since told them not to. Their excuse was that they were working on the other side of the door, left me a little concerned.

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Given the size of the room the time may be excessive for continuous operation of both men, and could be a one person project if you move the action.
However, keeping mind, not all knowledge and ability are equal.
As far as locking the door, closing it would not be out of line when working in the proximity of its swing.
I simply mask the opening to prevent dust migration, and don;t care who's watching.
I consider masking and protecting a clients property a part of due diligence, and though I may never be invited for dinner, I may be considered for the next project.

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