Cuisinart Food Processors Where to find parts

puzzlefanFebruary 19, 2010

My old Cuisinart is approaching 26 years and still going strong at my daughter's house. My newer 5 plus year old is dead. Cuisinart will "allow" me to send it in for out of warranty repair ($170.00!!)plus shipping. I could buy a new one. I'd like to use all my old accessories so would like to find a source for Cuisinart parts that Cuisinart won't sell. Motor base for one. I realize that Cuisinart as a company does not exist, only the name lives on owned by Conair currently. So expecting customer services is futile. Any websites that you can refer that actually sell parts would be appreciated.

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It's usual that in a quality product what breaks is a part that is possibly simple, for the right person, to repair.

If it's a part made of steel it can be brazed for $20 at a friendly shop.

Do you know what part(s) you need?

I would look at craigslist, nationally this way to see
if anyone would consider repairing it. Then see if they'll
do it under an 'ebay' advert. That way you have some recourse if they take your money.

Go to gooogle and type: cuisinart repair

try variations like this: "cuisinart repair" cuisinart -"for sale" quality small OR kitchen appliance repair

Those should keep you busy. Write a note that's' the same
to each one like boilerplate saying what you said here:

If anyone replies then post the reply here and ask them if
they want 'more work' from your connections to a national
web site. If yes then you have a 'winner' for round one.

Let us know how it goes.

Repairs was a thing of the past.. our generation is learning
that it's the trend of the future. You and your machine
are in the middle and I'll try to help -


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The most likely source of parts is going to be another unit with something besides the part you need broken.

Many mass produced items that are not very expensive ($500 and up) often have no parts available.

Even warranty returns are done by simply replacing the unit with a 'factory rebuilt unit.'

Few of the parts are standard in any way, so finding a second source from even the mechanical parts houses fir a gear or shaft are unlikely.

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I had a 25 year old Cuisinart and the bowl was cracking. The cost of a replacement bowl approached over half the cost of a new unit. So my kids replaced it for Christmas. As it turned out, the knives from the old one still fit the new one. The bowl probably did, too.

I found replacement, third party parts via google search, but the bowl was only available from Cuisinart.

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Thanks for the suggestions on where to start. I just find Cuisinart or actually Conair to be really irritating. They still make the unit but won't sell the motor base as a "part". Everything else they will sell. Too bad the Cuisinart company sold out their name.

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" They still make the unit but won't sell the motor base as a "part"."

So but a new one and put the other parts away as spares.

26 year old blades are not going to be as sharp as new ones...

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bumping this up to suggest ebay....i purchased a very lightly used bowl (which was in FAR better condition than the one that eventually cracked) for my 20 year old cuisinart (that still runs like a dream...

I paid about $25, and to purchased a replacement part from the manufacturer was in the low $80's if I correctly recall

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I second desert_solitaire's advice to try eBay. You should be able to find just about any part you need for any Cuisinart. Motor bases can go for less than $10, but shipping can be a bit pricy because of the weight.

Your cheapest option, however, is to post a WANTED ad on your local Freecycle site. (You'll have to register to view or post messages.) Everything on Freecycle is completely free -- the idea is find new life for usable items instead of simply throwing them into the trash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freecycle

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my food processor broken his 6 cup,do you have for sale? his brand name is HAMILTON BEACH

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Cuisinart parts found by a favorite search engine.

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The kitchenworksinc website can tell you the part numbers you need for your cuisinart.I am sure you can replace your set by shopping ebay, or just buy the base. The old cuisinart motors have a lot of life in them! The lexan parts are what tend to fail. The steel blades are very durable also.

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