A great quilting day!

K8OrlandoDecember 18, 2010

It's been a couple months since I had a spare moment, much less a whole day, to spend in the sewing room. But today I finally had the opportunity. I've missed it so much!

I made 3 blocks for the December lotto, 2 birthday blocks for the January members of my group, 3 of my own birthday blocks and started on Odessa's round robin border. It was a fun and relaxing day!


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You really did accomplish a great deal for just one day. Doesn't it feel good to have so many things finished.
I need to get motivated again, but right now it is filled with Christmas gifts and wrapping. Soon all this confusion will be over and I can play again.

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So glad you had a chance to sew! Doesn't it feel great to have some time to do what you enjoy?

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My sewing and quilting is on the back burner till after Christmas THEN I can start again!!!!

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Isn't this one of the great things about our quilting? Even when you can't get to doing it, it's fun to think about and talk about.

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Now how enjoyable is that!!

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