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I have ants in bathroom and kitchen. This is on and off problem. I really don't know where they are hiding and how they got into the drain vent of the dishwasher. I think I have pharaoh ants because spraying is simply not working. I think I will need to set baits. But all the baits I set before are not attracting ants, most of the baits looked unused. I could hire an exterminator. I think the price is reasonable but I don't know if it is the real solution. Do exterminators have better baits?

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if yuo are not placing the baits in exactly the spots the ants are using for trails, they may/may not use them.
we get issues with ants during soggy ground conditions. they come int eh house for a couple days, then when it dries out they go back outside. if this is the case with you, an outside treatment may be necessary as well.

if you can afford the exterminator, give them a shot. we don't use one cause our guy moved and terminix (who does our termite control) wants too much for it. i jsut spray and put out some baits occassionally when needed.

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You bet exterminators have better bait. What they use is often prohibited without a license.

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I, also have had ants. The little ones. Pissants, I call them. : ) They tend to show up just about anywhere in the house at different times. Right now they are in my bedroom and the bathroom right next to it. I've been battling them since last fall. I keep Terro out but they are tending to ignore it now. First I saw them along the baseboard now they seem to enjoy the ceilings! They give good bait ideas on Google that I may give a try.


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I talked to an exterminator. He said I will have to wait until it stops raining and the ground dry out before he can treat the outside. He can do the inside now but how much to spray will be up to me. For about $130, I may give it a try.

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Lowes sells a product called Bengal like the tiger; I think it even has a tiger on the outside of it. It is normally sold for fire ants. Use it and you will not have any creepy crawlies. Put it in door thresholds and other areas. It will solve your problem.

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seal your plumbing penetrations under the sinks.
you can slide the escuscion (the cover for the hole
where the pipe comes through the wall) towards you
and caulk the hole around the pipe.
do bathrooms and sinks. check behind the pipe on the shower
head pipe.
best of luck.

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I contacted the friendly folks at, told them my ant tale of woe and the rep suggested that I use the Maxforce FC bait stations. It will kill the adults and the larval stage. Sounded real good to me, as now I'm finding them in every room in the house. I ordered a bag of 20 stations and keep my fingers crossed. I can also place them outside once the weather warms up for control out there. Hope it works!


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