Former employer will not pay retirement

scarlett2001August 16, 2011

This is so weird! I have Social and major retirement from the company I last worked for, but one former employer is dragging its feet with my retirement. They confirmed that I was eligible to recieve it in July, then..nothing. Now it's mid-August. I called and they said they are "really backed up" and I will get it "later". Oh, and that it would be retroactive to July. Is this legal? It is Ralphs Grocery company, a major grocery chain in CA with assets of several billion. And they can't pay my retiremnt on time? Good thing I'm not depending on it. Can I request interest? It's a crumby company anyway, IMHO. That's why I left after 8 years.

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Were you in a union? I'd contact the California Division of Labor Standards and file a complaint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dept of Labor Standards

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No, I was in management. The Labor Board says it all depends on whether the company is part of ERISA and I don't know how to find that out.

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Try Googling ERISA and Ralph's Grocery, and there are references, Hope that helps.

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If that were me, I'd have called my lawyer weeks ago. Sounds as if that would be a good next step. Have you considered it?

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For other's information, if you plan to request the start of retirement payments from a company. Submit a written request at least 60 day before the date you wish payments to start. (But not too much earlier as it may bet lost.) Hopefully, the OP has already begun to receive her payments.

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Yes, I did do everything I was supposed to and FNALLY they paid up.

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From August ... till December ...

... that's four months, if you don't count August: still leaves one finger when counting on my hand.

Glad it got straightened out to your satisfaction, Scarlett 2001.

ole joyful

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