Which GDO To Buy?

cciaffoneFebruary 28, 2009

My aged Craftsman GDO limit switches are getting

strange, and the logic-board relay that drives the

garage lights has failed. Help me find a replacement.

I can replace it with another Craftsman chain-drive

GDO with 2 in-car buttons, one keyless-entry button,

and the wired button. I understand and can fix most

of the "adjustment" probs with this unit. I know

it pretty well by now.

For a bit more I can get a Genie screw-drive unit with

the same button options. I know nothing about how

this unit works and prob-solving would start at

square 1.

I see tons o' questions about Sears probs on these

forums, but almost none about Genie probs. Is this significant??

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Not Craftsman.

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Some replies are not very helpful. See the answer to your question in the garage forum.

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