roof repair, how much should this cost

wangshanFebruary 9, 2013

A recent storm took what was a small flap in one part of my roof (over a dormer) and turned it into a large flap. The guys who went up and looked at it pulled it back over , so it is not leaking anymore. Then they gave me an estimate for over $1200. Another guy said it just needs to be torched down and shouldn't cost more than $250. The entire roof is a little over 10 years old. The area of roof is about 12x12

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Were either of these "guys" a roofer?

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yes they were, both of them. I had another roofer come over yesterday. He said that it was not possible to re lay the old rubber. He gave me a price to tear off old rubber and put down new insulation(which was lacking) and new roofing for $1500.

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I was asking because I did not think the guy who said to retorch it down could possibly be a roofer. That $1500 sounds about right to me.

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I thought so. I am going to go with the last guy , he seemed very knowledgable and down to earth

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