Retirees: What would you have done differently?

sunrisegirlAugust 21, 2002

What would you have done differently before you retired? Retired sooner, later. Saved more, spent more??? Help a girl out. I'm 60 and still have time to change!

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Make sure that if you retire early you have insurance and enough money to pay for the big increases. I know of several people who had husbands that had company insurance, when the husband went on Medicare at 65 the Insurance goes up and I mean way up......not fair. Long term Insurance is a must.

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Thanks, I just took out longterm care insurance. I don't know how anyone can afford it after 59 yrs as it is so expensive already $112 a month for a medium amount per day.

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I would have worked longer but due to health I left a fairly good paying job. NOW I wish I would have worked a few more years and socked those paychecks away for a rainy day.

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My husband lost his job at 60 so after working ar whatever he could find he retired at 63 and I retired at 62.We get along just fine on our social socurity and his small pension. We both had good 401ks and savings and we live modestly so do about what we want.I am glad we retired when we did.We travel volunteer and have fun.

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Our retirement was perfect. The only thing I would suggest is nursing home care insurance, but ONLY if you have a spouse. We did not have it because the last time I checked only 10% of the population goes to a care home, we gambled. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzhiemers and it would have helped me if he has to go to a care home. I will keep him at home as long as I can. If he does have to go, I will get to keep $1,400 of our monthly income and quite a bit of cash. Due to our ages I figured I would outlive him and could use the money for my care because I won't have anyone to help me if I need it. I will be ok and at his age, he may not have to be admitted to a home.

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