Should I work part time ?-- meaningful activiites?

kayakershoalAugust 25, 2007

I am nearing 66 and am working full time (technical professional). I have the option to work part time (50%)as long as I am mentally and physically capable.

How long should I "plan" to work "part time". The money will be nice but not necessary.

Will I be sacrificing truely "meaningful activiites" by complicating retirement with work? Travel has been extensive with current job so travel is not a priority.


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If you don't need the money, I think it depends on if you want to work or not. I am enjoying being idle, no responsibility to anyone but myself. It is a first time for me.

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I have been pondering your question, wondering how best to answer. I think, as jonesy said, whether you work or not, is up to you. I think the definition of a meaningful life is very subjective.
DH and I are retired schoolteachers. I absolutely loved my job and colleagues and felt "life was good and meaningful."

Yet, a year ago, we both retired and moved to another state to a town we love which just happens to be where our two
children and grandchildren live. At that time our youngest granddaughter was 6 months old and we babysat her when our daughter went back to work. Life is good and meaningful...but in a different way than before.
We are thankful we can be involved in our children and grandchildren's lives. (Previously, we only saw them four times a year and missed all their birthdays and other special celebrations.)
Both DH and I do not have paying jobs, but we may substitute teach later...if time permits!

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Same work has gradually decreased being self-employed working w/seniors. Point is, this has prepared me for the decision of retirement. I didn't plan on retiring this soon, but as some clients have gone into assisted-living it does make one think about what is important in life.

I still need to work some for the income & to be fulfilled. As time has gone by I, also, have been spending more time this summer helping a single son with his home & picking up my grandsons to also assist him. THIS togetherness has been most does it get better than that?

If I had been working full time I would have missed out on this opportunity. Simple life, yes, but I love it!


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Sharlee, I envy you your situation about enjoying your family. My son's both live out of state and the Not Togetherness has been wonderful. Ahhh.............

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How about volunterr work? After I quit my job, i applied to two cat rescue organizations. Both "approved " me to work with theor cats. It is great being around animals, petting them, and seeing the joy when one finds a "furrever" home.

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I took partial Social Security benefit at age 62, but kept on working according to the benefit rules on limits of yearly income.

In recent years, my company initiated at-home computer-oriented jobs (professional medical transcriptionist) and this lasted several years, which allowed me to work at my own time without traveling to and from the office. I enjoyed it very much as it was less restricting than an office type job.

Unfortunately, as time went on my hearing declined and this year (I'm 85), I had to say OK - time to quit. Can no longer be accurate enough for this demanding type work.

I wasn't too sure how I'd manage retirement, but I've kept mentally active through the computer programs (especially these "how-to" forums) and have been able to garden, preserve foods, bake breads, make vinegars, etc., all of which have helped keep me mentally alert and interested in life.

I say "go for it."


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