Major bank study on policies, funding, attitudes to retirement

joyfulguyAugust 3, 2006

Some of you have heard me speak of what I believe to be Canada's best personal financial planning magazine (which is totally subscriber-driven, as it carries no ads), with a number of items of information being available at

They have quoted (on the website, but wasn't in the magazine), a study done by HSBC (Hong Kong-Shanghai Banking Corporation, I think) of several thousand seniors' and corporations' in 20 countries views about various aspects of retirement, including personal and government funding, ages of retirement and a number of policies, attitudes and hopes.

I found it quite interesting, from several angles.

It is available on their website (sorry, I forget the title - but it's easily recognizable once you get there).

Or I can send you the info if you wish.

I'd appreciate your comments - perhaps it would be worthwhile to start a discussion here.

I hope that you are enjoying your retirement - or, if you aren't there yet, in good shape as you prepare for and look forward to it.

One thing nice about retirement - every day's holiday (if you choose)!

But most of us find some worthwhile, interesting and challenging things to do, including volunteering to help our society improve.

ole joyful

P.S. Some recent articles have been written by a young man of 35 who says that he's retired. He's written a book, "STOP Working - Here's How You Can", that I asked for at my local library about a month ago and just picked up yesterday. I think his name is Derek Foster - he spent some time teaching in Korea, married a Korean girl (and they honeymooned in Bali) - so it appears that he's not a Frugal Freak. He lives on a beach on Georgian Bay, an appendage to the right of Lake Huron, north-east of Michigan and about 70 mi. n. of Toronto.

He offers some good ideas and practical advice, which appear fairly sound, to me. From substantially a Canadian perspective, but quite a bit of it transferrable, I think.

o j

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I couldn't get to the article on-line without becoming a subscriber - or so it appeared, but an edited version finally hit the Seattle Times. It was pretty interesting. It seems the American perception of retirement is pretty off base given our high expectations and low savings rate.

I was interested in the part that talks about the first year of retirement when people go off and do things they have been fantasizing about and discover they don't necessarily like them at all. We are planning a move to Arizona just because I feel so much better in the dry heat. In the meantime I am still seeking other solutions because we really like life here. I am so afraid that if we give up this house that works so well for us, we won't be able to afford to come back.

The depressing part of the article was the mention of diabetes as a slow, expensive killer. I hate to put that burden on my husband, but the the only thing I know to do is to keep my blood sugar in check as best I can.

I am not particularly worried about our financial future. My husband's pension will be from the government and if the state fails we will all be in a world of hurt so we won't be alone. Our house is paid for. We have no consumer debt. We have a half interest in a home in Tucson that is rented out pending our taking up residence there. So far the rent is pretty much taking care of it. Our daughter is the half owner and manager and she has a magic touch with money.

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Sometimes people visit a place, love it ... and decide to retire there.

Some have suggested that they rent there for a while, a year or so at least, to get a feel for the place, before putting down too many roots.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


Sorry you weren't able to access the message without being a member: I'm not a member of their electronic system, and just entered without signing up for that membership or giving my member number from my mailing label on my print subscription, so assumed that others could, as well.

ole joyful

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