hardwood floor w small area of damage

mjlbFebruary 15, 2013

We have maple hardwood floors with polyurethane finish. Unfortunately we also had a small leak from our dishwasher. Now the finish is bubbling up on a small area in front of the dishwasher, and there are a couple of dark areas in what is normally light wood. I thought perhaps just the small area could be refinished, but from calling around, I get the impression that the entire room(?) would have to be sanded an refinished.

Has anyone run into this problem? And how did you locate someone to do the repair. From the few calls I've made so far, the flooring people want to come in and install a big area, but have no interest in doing this small job. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Fixing a small area is a multi-step process (a number of visits), and it's hard to make any money doint that.

Have you considered DIY?

In any event the repaired area will probably look different than the rest of the floor.

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I'm afraid I'd make a mess doing DIY. Oy... the kitchen floor runs into the dining room, which runs into the livingroom, which runs into the hallway... I could see this being a big expense.

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1. Bite the bullet, do a little online research, and acquire some DIY skills.
2. Get a nice, decorative floor mat to put in front of the dishwasher to conceal the damage. We have a bamboo mat for precisely this reason. And, even if you repair it, you might end up with a new damaged area in the future in this location anyway.
3. Pay a professional to redo the spot (will be costly, given what's involved even for a small spot).
4. Pay a professional to redo the whole floor in only that room. If they are competent, they should be able to stop at the threshold into the next room, without creating an obvious difference (although it may require inlaying a new flooring strip at the transition point(s).

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I've got my first professional coming tomorrow to look at the floor -- fingers crossed! Open floor plan, so no thresholds.

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