Retirement at age 34

joyfulguyAugust 30, 2005

A money management magazine to which I subscribe - no ads, so totally subscriber-driven - is celebrating its 25th anniversary and came out with a re-designed, eye-catching cover yesterday.

One article by a young man of 34 described how he has retired and how he is financing his affairs.


My ex-, who was head dietitian in a psychiatric hospital for a number of years, decided to retire over 10 years ago, when she was in mer mid-50s. As there was serious discussion about closing her facility or a smiliar one about 20 miles away, she thought that it would be preferable to take the golden handshake rather than wait for a possible severance package.

She contracted colon cancer slightly under two years ago, and died a year ago July - age 66.

As our offspring said at the time of her death, in the normal course, she'd have retired just over a year earlier - and I added that she'd have been sick for about 3/4 of that year.

As it was, she had ten years to really enjoy life, building miniatures, doing needlework, visiting friends, travelling Florida-Texas (she was a U.S. citizen) for three months every winter in her motor home, etc.

We never know how many years of life are ahead of us.

Or - in how many of those years we may be able to enjoy good health.

As I am thankful to be doing at age 76.

Good wishes to you all for a happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous and fruitful retirement (may I suggest helping others for part of that time?).

ole joyful

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well i would retire today, but i have to stick it out til 55 so i cant take my medical with me. but i agree i want to enjoy as many years as i can without working, i have a good job, but its not my life. to the person whose life is their job i can see them working forever. dont like working never have. i tolerate it for the money and benefits.

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Bill H,

If I recall correctly, you're a resident of Detroit or area.

So you may be somehwat familiar with the Canadian healthcare system.

The U.S. privately-operated systems, with their efforts to cut medical costs of their clients, would love to get up here.

I hope that they don't.

I don't have to have a job in order to enjoy health care.

In some provinces, and in this one for a few years, recently, there is no regular insurance fee.

Now it'll cost me in your neighbouring Ontario something like $600. annually, I think, depending on my income level.

Whether I'm working, retired or whatever.

I prefer that system - regardless of all the bull that you guys have been fed by those claiming that your system is the best.

It is about the most expensive in the world.

I hope that you have some shares in health care companies.

ole joyful

P.S. Did you notice some bias showing, here?

o j

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you get no argument from me. this country seems to be able to waste money on anything, but when it comes to having any kind of nationwide health care forget it. if we had it, i could switch jobs and get the heck out of this stinking detroit area.

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This month's issue of Canadian Moneysaver (25th anniv. year) just arrived.

The guy who retired at age 34 has another article.

About how he's a bit distressed to be paying more to fill up his gas tank.

However - part of his asset is in oil and gas stocks.

Which have been going up strongly, recently.

So - he's not crying about the increased gas prices: he can handle that, he says (and still smile).

I hope that you're all enjoying a beautiful autumn week.

ole joyful

P.S. Hitch-hiked to the village today, cause the car wouldn't start last night - and a generous gentleman drove me home.

Started great this morning - but only the first time. After driving a mile, it wouldn't start again.

So - next trip is to the garage.

To be having dinner tonight with several relatives with an elderly relative who's in town from a distant home.

May have to ride home on my broomstick.

o j (not juiced, today)

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