piers under slab foundation b4 foundation cracks worth it?

merrybookwyrmFebruary 18, 2011

We have a slab foundation under our house, and we live in an area where the soil moves a great deal. Many houses in the neighborhood have had 'piers' put in place to stabilize the slab when the slab has cracked.

Does anyone know if it would be worthwhile to put these 'piers' under the slab while the slab is still whole?

I do try to keep the foundation watered, but sometimes it gets away from me and the slab does move some. I wonder if putting these 'pier's under the slab would cut down on the slab's ability to move.

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Whereabouts do you live? Y'know, general area. N'awlins by any chance?

Or else give some info on the soil composition and climate.

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I'm sorry, I missed your reply. :-(

We live in north central Texas-- expansive clay soil, water foundations to keep slab from cracking, the soil can go from drought to waterlogged and back in days.

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