quilt sayings from Forum in 2002

minnie_txDecember 19, 2010

Found this in my files You might want to use on a gift tag or something enjoy

Families are like tapestry, woven through the years, with threads of joy and laughter, happiness and tears.

Quilter's Make Great Comforters

Quilter's are Piecemakers

Blessed are the children of Quilter's, for they will inherit the Quilts

When Life Hands you Scraps, Make Quilts

May your sorrows be patched and your joys be quilted.

I'm a quilter & my house is in pieces.

When I learned how to quilt...I forgot how to cook.

Life is like a patchwork, make it precious day by day, have a pattern for your life,

adding fun along the way!

A quilt is like love: made to last forever.

A quilt is a blanket of love.

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.

A quilt sewn together with utmost care quilted with love is a treasure to share.

Quilts, like friends, are different, colorful, fun, warm and comforting--And you can never acquire enough of either.

Quilting is a scrap of Happiness!

The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above is under a quilt handmade with love.

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These are fantastic and priceless! Thanks so much for finding them and sharing them again.

Kristene (tinyteena)

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Thanks Minnie. Just in time for me to write my guild's newsletter.

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great I'm glad someone could use it and don't forget the quilters Night Before For the newsletter

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