Costs//rent?/while stayiing coldest part of winter?

fuddyduddyAugust 18, 2002

I am here in Wisconsin, contemplating retirement in a couple years, I guess, want to know what it costs to rent/stay in AZ, FL, or someplace warmer over the coldest parts of this awful season that comes here from Jan-Mar.

I envy those with plenty of resources to be able to just pick up and go, that isn't the case here, just would like to be able to be comfortable moneywise for a few months while I enjoy not being COLD. Would someone have some good suggestions? Appreciate any information.

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I will ask my son who lives in Phoenix about how much he pays for his heating/air conditioning. He and his wife have a house that is about 2,000 square feet. It is unbelievably hot there in the summer very nice in the winter although it can be pretty nippy sometimes.

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I have lived in Tucson for almost forty years. Rent is a bit less expensive here than in Phoenix and the traffic is not quite so heavy. Sierra Vista is a nice little town about 70 miles from Tucson and it is much smaller. Cost of living is supposed to be about 30 percent less than here. Are you interested in a house, apartment, mobile home or ???
If you will e-mail me, with your address, I will send you the apartment guide, newcomer information, etc. for this area. We have relatives near Sheboygan who come to visit in the winter so they can "thaw out".

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we rented a condo in ft myers fla, jan,feb,and march 2bdrm,1 bath, furnished, 1600.00 a month plus utilitys. found sevral condos and trailers in that area. in that genral price range.

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Fuddyduddy, I got your e-mail and accidentally deleted it! I am glad you found the packet of materials useful. Some of the rental rates seem to be very reasonable. Arizona is the place to be in the wintertime! (My totally biased opinion, of course. LOL) Bettye/AZ

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We go to Texas in the winter.We have a travel trailor and stay in a very nice park.Lots of enterment library shuffleboard swimminy pool craft and sewing rooms dances many programs and we pay about 370.00 a month. many places you can stay for 200 and they are nice also The weather is wonderful usually sunny but almost always windy. You can rent condo on the gulf of mexico both in corpus christi and South Padre Island and I am told they are not to expensive during the winter months.The people are very friendly and like having us there as it is good for the economy.

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A woman who lives in Bend, OR told me it is cheaper for her to go to Mexico for a couple of months in the winter than it is for her to stay home and pay her heating bill.

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Fuddyduddy, my parents live in winter in a community called Green Valley, which is about 30 minutes or so south of Tucson. It is for people 55 and up. It is a lovely place with all manner of shopping, activities of all kinds and other things, and Tucson is close at hand. There seems to be a lot to see and do in that part of AZ. I enjoy visiting them there every year. The people are really nice. They purchased a townhome there a few years ago, but the first couple times they went, they rented one for 3 months, and I don't recall the cost being terribly high. Might be worth checking into. They leave right after Thanksgiving, and come back to WI in early May.

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I'm in west central fla (Tampa Bay area), and if you look, you can rent a house for $600 per month for the season. Lots of folks down here have trailers in parks that they retreat to.

I wore my shorts yesterday -- Christmas Day -- did you?

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My vote would be south Texas too. It is warm there most of the time and the rent is very reasonable....Cost of living is probably lower than must any of the other places I saw mentioned. There are large retirement areas.....In some areas $600 would get you a very nice apartment.

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Don't come here! It's VERY expensive. Hope you found a place, though.

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The site below might help. You enter your needs/budget, etc. plus the state you're interested in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apartments

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The Villages in Florida is the best that I know of to retire to..... for ever or just for a few months. I am a litle late in writing here, but perhaps fuddyduddy has not decided as yet where to go in the cold months?
I think we are located at the best place to come to in the winter. But, I have never been to those other places.
The Villages in Florida have so much to offer. More than any other place here in Florida that I know of. And we have lived in Florida for over 55 years. We can use our golf carts to do everything we need to do for transportation to do "EVERYTHING."
They rentals are very reasonable. Rentals from $500 up per month and that includes lots of amenities. Living costs are reasonable.
The weather is great here in the Central part of Florida. We have the best drinking water here in The Villages. The people here are so friendly.
Hope this helps someone?
Betty in Florida

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My husband and I are also retired and looking for a nice, affordable, and warm place to stay during winter months. We currently live in Iowa and can't stay one more winter. We, like most retirees are on a fixed budget and would like to get as much for our money as possible. I'm leaning toward the Tucson, Az. area. Any suggestions???

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Thanks for reviving an old thread! My parents lived in both Tucson and Phoenix over the years, and I greatly prefer the Tucson area. Smaller, easier to get around, prettier, at least to my mind. It's all personal preference, tho.

I found this website when googling Tucson+retire+winter. I hope it's useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tucson for seniors

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