What is a boomeranger?

klimkmAugust 3, 2006

I just came across this term - boomeranger? What does it mean? Does anyone know? Thanks.

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It usually refers to an adult child who keeps coming back to live with you because they can't make it work on their own.

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OH - thanks for clarifying. I read this term in an article and had no idea what it meant.

Maybe that is good reason for people to downsize - so they won't have room for the "child" to come back and live with them...

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Farmer Dad used to say that if you try to wean a calf at, say 6 weeks or a couple of months, you can accomplish the task fairly easily.

But if you wait till it's a year old, it'll break through walls of pens, jump fences or do whatever is necessary to get to its mother.

ole joyful

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