betsyhacFebruary 12, 2011

Has anyone ever heard of these? I called a service re the ice clogging up my gutters and he suggested these.

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Nope. Don't see anything on Google either. Does he mean electrical cords that heat up that zigzag along the edge of a roof? Bit late for that if your eavestroughs are full of ice.

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OVG: What do you suggest I do? I have so much ice in the gutters and going up the roof. No water in the house yet, but I'm afraid . . .

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I don't know what you can do at this point... we had our roof redone a year ago, and had ice guard put on, to ensure that any ice buildup wouldn't melt into the house.

I see a thread about heat cables in the old house forum; you may want to repost there (there seems to be more action on that forum).

Here is a link that might be useful: heat cables thread

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bestyhac. If you don't have infiltration into the house and the structure is solid, then why do think you need to do anything this winter?

When the icedams are built up the most effective short term solution is to physically go up and manually chop them up and remove the ice. There are a lot of roofers performing this service here in MA. It's not cheap, but if the water is coming into the house, there are not a lot of alternatives to remove the ice and snow from the roof.

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In Minnesota, we hired the same service as did sdello. We had the ice dams, no water infiltration. We chose to get the ice taken off in one spot to get rid of the weight.

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Socks full of rock salt has been suggested in the past. Lay them on top of the gutters.

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Well, thank God the weather has been in the mid-30s to 40s the last few days, and my worries are over. Ice is gone; phew! You can be sure that I'll be figuring out some pre-Winter fixes to put in place this Summer. I can't believe all the different suggestions there are AND all the different gutter cover systems there are. Maybe I should have bought that condo instead . . .
Thx everyone for your responses.

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