Needed One Special Quilter Who Has a Birthday for Ribbons & Bows

sandlapper_roseDecember 1, 2010

I know we must have some who are reading this who qualify as quilters and I'll bet each one of you has a birthday! Kim, one of the quilters in our group called Ribbons & Bows has to drop out. This is for calendar year 2011 so you are not behind at all - we are just about to start!

So, who would like to be added to the Ribbons & Bows group? We have a few requirements just to assure others in the group that you will stay involved for the whole year and be a dependable swapper. That only makes things better for you as well because those same rules were used in creating this Birthday Block Exchange Group!

Also, this year we required members to select their blocks from a prepared list so none of the blocks are too time consuming or difficult to make. Join in on our fun. Contact me or Kristene before the end of the day on Sat., Dec. 4th if you are interested in being added.

Yum... cake with no calories... party hats... noise makers, lots of new friends singing Happy Birthday to you, make a wish and blow out your candles, open your presents, get special mail that is all for you - how can you resist?

We hope you can't!


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I'm already in one group but would be willing to join this one too. I would use the same block I'm using for the Piece of Cake group.


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Thanks so much. You will be added if needed --- and I think you will be needed!

Please, if anyone else missed out on this when we first posted, let us know. Even if Kate fills in for Kim here, there may be a need for more to fill in later. We have some pretty definite rules this year so if someone is not sending, they will no longer be in the group. Depending on when that happens we may replace the person or just be short one member. "Filling in" is fun, too. Both Kristene and I got started with doing the Birthday Block Exchange that way!


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Jeanne, I will be willing to fill in if you need me to. I'll send my info to you.


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Ditto, here. Will fill in on any group. I find I'm enjoying doing the variety of blocks that being in the groups provides. I'm learning a lot more than just sticking to my own picks!

Also, if someone wants to split the "fill-in" that would be fine, too, to spread the extra blocks among several people.


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I like your idea of splitting a fill-in. If Jeanne doesn't think that makes things too complicated,I'd be more than willing to join forces with you!


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Kristene and I thank all of you who offered to help out. We have filled the vacancy with someone who was not already in the 2011 Birthday Block Exchange so she would have a chance to participate. However, there could be another/others who drop out during the year so we will keep all of you very kind quilters in mind if that happens and a good idea to maybe split the remaining blocks that are owed if we use someone who is already in a group. We certainly may offer that option and thanks for thinking of that possibility.
Thanks again!

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