Privacy with bathroom windows, overlooking porch

lavender_lassOctober 24, 2011

I'd like to add an enclosed porch to an existing home, but the bathroom windows will be overlooking it. (There's a full bath and a powder room, on the same wall.) I'm wondering if frosted or stained glass (or both) might be a good option. There will be window coverings in the main bath, but I want to maintain privacy, while still allowing some light to come through...even if it's only a little indirect light. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)

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This is exactly my problem and I'm thinking of going with stained glass. My windows are small though and will open to the exterior. If they're larger windows you may want to go with frosted glass. Beautiful ethereal designs can be etched onto frosted glass. I wouldn't mix stained glass with frosted glass. Take your pick and stick to it. Also, I don't think window coverings would suit stained glass, though a simple pull down shade would work nicely with etched and frosted glass.

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I have a frosted Anderson window in my upstairs bath and I was planning to use the same kind in my powder room which would face my porch. I think it adds adequate privacy, but its hard to say since its upstairs and no one looks directly at the window.

I also have a stained glass window in another part of the house and it would not provide adequate privacy. Pretty though. If you just want light, I hear light tubes are great (but no ventilation).

I was also thinking of keeping my window quite small for security reasons (could be easy break in point in the back of the house). So many decisions....

OT- Thanks Lavender_Lass for all your help with my kitchen layout. I think I am making progress. I'll post a revision on Kitchen forum soon.

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I have a lovely clear leaded glass window in my bathroom that blocks the view, lets in the light and even has a couple of clear areas where I can look out onto my garden while doing my business! It was a custom window by a local glass artist, and now you too can buy it off his website! I like this window because it's all clear, but different textures of glass. Sometimes the colored ones are a bit overwhelming. This is truly one of the most beautiful things in my house.

If you have any local glass artists you might check into that, otherwise some of the window companies now offer textured glass as an option.

Here's a photo of the bathroom with the window since I don't have photos of just the window:

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There are lots of obscure glass options available when you order your windows. I think most if not all of them are designed to provide privacy, but some may still allow silhouette type images. You can do a web search for "obscure glass" (and then click on images) to see some examples, and someone at a window store can probably show you samples and advise you about the relative privacy of different choices.

One thing that surprised me in looking at obscure glass, in this age of fancy commercialization, is how many of the glass patterns are simply called "glue chip." Talk about an unpreposessing name :-)

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I recently was at a house with a window film of a palm tree.
looked like frosted glass, homeowner said it was gila
brand film..they also make tints.
I was suprised that it looked so nice, guess window
films have come a long way.

best of luck

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Thank you for the great ideas! I love that window in oldhousegal's bath. Something like that would work, in both bathrooms. It has the vintage feel, but I wouldn't be locked into a particular color. Thanks again :)

Dilly- I look forward to seeing your next kitchen plan!

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