As you plan your projects for 2012...

karpetDecember 8, 2011

...I'm sure you're longing to know what the color of the year is. The Pantone Color Institute has named Tangerine Tango as the color for 2012! (Whatever!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangerine Tango

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Good grief, they even have a press release about thier color of the year!

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And in case you missed it, these were the colors of the year from the recent past:
2011 Honeysuckle
2010 Turquoise
2009 Mimosa
2008 Blue Iris

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Thanks Karpet for posting that! I like this year's color better than last year, but don't think I'll be using it as a focus color in any quilts soon. Be prepared to see it everywhere tho; all the designers get these colors at least a year before they are announced so their lines (shoes, clothing, fabric, paint, whatever) can use them.

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Orange for 2012?

Oh shades of the sixties because we got overdosed on it, along with the avocado green appliances and that's what made me sick of it. The 'energy' in bright orange strikes me more schizophrenic than recharging and transitional.

Blondes (I am one) cannot wear bright orange, and I thought Jennifer Anniston looked totally washed out in it. In fact, all three women looked like they were about to go deer hunting or direct traffic
. rofl.

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Well, that link crashed my browser two times already, maybe that color is just a little too over the top?? I'll try again later. Can't say yet whether I like it, but orange is one of those colors that I've used in the past but only as accents. But for some reason, I detest the muted, weak, cream-sickle kinds of orange more than the brighter ones. In fact they make me nauseous.

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Oh Rita - I'm sorry about the link! Here is one w/o a video so maybe it will be kinder.

Sitting here snickering about them deer hunting or directing traffic! I heard a year or two ago that orange is a safety color so I always tease DH when he wears his orange t-shirts that he is dressed for safety!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantone

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Oh, icky, icky yuck! Guess I won't be buying any clothes or shoes for the next year. Hopefully fabric stores will still keep some colors I like! LOL


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I love the color!!! I bought 3 yards of a large print "Bird of Paradise" with that same rich solid color as the background from a fabric designer at our local Quilt Show last June. This was not one of her designs. I may have to make another 9 Patch Pizazz when I feel like making another one.

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Ah, I live in the land of BIG ORANGE (Univ. of TN), so it is a staple in everyone's closet! But, that orange is icky! I am a dirty blonde, but luckily my skin tone looks ok in orange.


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Rebecca, even though it's a couple hundred miles away, there's plenty of Gator orange around here, too. :) At least it's better than that weird orangey-brown color U of Texas uses! (No offense to any Longhorns out there.)


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"...looked like they were about to go deer hunting or direct traffic."


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I very rarely 'plan' projects.....they just kind of sneak up on me. What I do plan is to work on UFO's this year.


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What gets me about style forecasting, is that I worked in the flower industry for twenty five years. I see the colour schemes come and go and subsequently what flowers sold/didn't sell not based on what looked good, or what a customer really wanted, but by what was in vogue that year. That meant that wholesalers like me had to stay at least a year ahead of it, plan our inventory around it even if it made us gag and then wonder if our market was going to be daring or conservative.

I am so not into fads in either clothes, flowers or interior decor........not to mention someone sitting in a boardroom behind closed doors and deciding what is going to drive the fashion industry. I must admit that would look gorgeous on my sister, who has dark olive skin, jet black hair and brown eyes. But not on me. I also went through the picks of previous years and noticed how difficult any of their choices would be to coordinate another fabric with. Three years ago I went shopping for a true teal blue........not greenish teal but bluish teal. It was non-existant in fabric stores. It was then I remembered a teal blue skirt I'd bought a few years before. It hung in my closet unworn because it was another of those impulse buys that nothing but white or black went with. argh.

I also have painted for most of my life and consider the mixing of paints, their intensity and hues an somehow rankles me to see them digital and numbered and named. Sort of like making a DNA fingerprint of them. It removes the mystery when someone world-wide can punch in a number and repeat it.

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