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ionized_gwFebruary 17, 2012

Does anyone know of a GOOD appliance repair forum? The appliance forum here seems mostly concerned with redecorating and renovation, which is OK, but not what I need.

My Kenmore washer (110.26852501) does not seem to spin all the time or maybe not all the time at full speed. I have to make some more observations, maybe. The clothes are too wet sometimes, but OK after re-spinning sometimes.

Last night I de-cloaked it and found a drop of oil under the gear case/transmission. I suspect it needs a new gear case. If not for the oil, I might suspect the lid switch. I checked that anyway and I can get alternately open and closed circuit at the harness connection point.

I am far from an expert on these things. A gearbox fail might be fatal, as they appear to cost nearly $200. Parts are available to rebuild the gear case, but I wonder if it is worth cracking the case and looking. It would be nice to know if there is a usual failure mode. . Dirty clothes are piling up.

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Here is a website run by Sears. You can get the help you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance help

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you can also try I've found them to be quite helpful.

Check the lid switch. If it's not working properly, the washer won't spin.

Personally, I wouldn't mess with the transmission (especially with clothes piling up). Look for the sales, or on the local trader, or craigslist for a new machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: repair clinic

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Thanks, late last week I found this site. They have some good videos and a staffed forum that is about equal to the site that Don 1 posted.

It looks like I need a ca. $35 clutch assembly in the Kenmore.

I am pleasantly surprised at how easy these things are to work on.

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance parts and help

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Depends on how old it is. I would consider buying a nice used one for $100 or less. The one you have is used. So...................

Do what makes sense.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

youtube has some good "how to" repair videos for driers, fridge, etc. laundry room forum has repair people on there.

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