brick veneer support

hoosierdocOctober 19, 2009

We are doing a bar with overhanging granite for a seating area. There's a knee-wall of 2x4s that we're going to face with brick veneer. The studs are 16" OC and I was told to use hardibacker for the brick to adhere to. It seems to be a bit flexible though between the studs. I have lots of 3/4" OSB laying around, should I put a layer of this in place and then put the hardibacker on this? I'd rather not switch to half inch backer if it can be avoided because it's heavy and I'm cheap.

I appreciate any thoughts. Granite guys coming wednesday.

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Sure, use the OSB then the backer board or thicker backer board. I assume you mean "thin brick" instead of brick veneer.

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If it's actual brick, the OSB is more than enough. The mason will use ties nailed into the 2x4s to attach the brick, same as exterior construction.

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I think he means thin brick that is adhered to a backer board and grouted like tile to look like brick and not brick veneer with a cavity but who know for sure.

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Use the OSB then the 1/4 inch backer. 1/4 inch backer is only recomended for floors unless you have the xtra support for a wall

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