Where can I get metric screws?

esgaFebruary 6, 2011

I need some metric screws that I can't get at Ace, Home Depot or Lowe's. I assumed it would be easy to get them online, - not so. Does anyone have any suggestions? And what information do I need to order them (like the name of the kind of screw?)

I found a few of what I need at Lowe's. I believe it's a #4 screw. I need some that are longer than those that came with the kitchen cabinet knobs that I bought at IKEA, and I am done running around! So I have screws that fit the knobs, but I need some that are longer. I can take the ones that I have back to Lowe's to find out what they are called, at least.

The online hardware stores I've seen either offer to sort by price, or only have about 5 metric screws, just like the stores.


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Lowes has a limited slection of metric screws.

They are usually in pull out bins with a thread pitch per bin on the screw aisle.

If you need something they do not have Bolt Depot has been my 'go to' source for many years.

Purchasing just a few can be painfully expensive with shipping though.

You can also try a real hardware store.
They often have at least a small selection of metric fasteners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bolt Depot

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Metric machine screws are typically expressed as a diameter (in millimeter) and a thread pitch (the distance between the threads).

The p in the following drawing represents the pitch.

So you'll see something like M6x1. The diameter of the screw is 6 millimeters and there is one millimeter between threads. It's very important that you get both numbers right. Then there is, obviously, the length and that's expressed in millimeters as well.

This image may help you understand the different types of machine screws:

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mike_kaiser's screw head reminds me of JIS (Japanese) screws. They look like Philips, but the Philips drivers do not fit them well. OTOH, the JIS scredrivers work better on Philips fasteners.

You wil see a little dot next to the cross.

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That was supposed to be, "mike_kaiser's screw head diagram reminds ...."

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Thanks, everyone. These replies have gone to my email so I haven't been back on the forum to reply, but I really appreciate the help. Brickeyee, thanks for the referral, and Mike, the diagram is really helpful. I've captured a screenshot to refer to. Elisbeth

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I've had good luck finding odd fasteners at Fastenal. Around this metro area, there's about 8 stores. If they don't stock it, they can get it by the next morning. I went to about 5 places before going to them to find an M10 x 90 mm cap head hardened bolt. Their only question after walking over to the rack, "How many do you need?"

You can scan their web site and walk in with a part number and help find it quicker.

Disclaimer: No business relationship with them other than I'm a very small customer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fastenal

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Interesting! Although I understand that you saying #4 is just an example, as a point of reference. Most cabinet HDW. require a larger connector.
Have you tried IKEA. They had to have a vendor.
I've always been able to find a wide variety of metric fasteners at ACE, Here in the truly left coast.
LOWE'S can order them from their vendor.
As can HOME DEPOT, who's vendor is CROWN NUT and BOLT.

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