Painting Ceramic Lamps???

roseofanothercolerJune 20, 2008

Thank you in advance for all responses and advise. Has anyone painted ceramic lamps? I have two "Ginger Jar" Lamps that I would like to makeover and use. I'm thinking about painting them. Has anyone tried this and what was your result? And more importantly, how did you do it. Once again Thank you....Rosie

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Krylon spray paint. It now comes in a huge variety of colors and sheens. Easiest thing ever.

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I just painted a pottery lamp that I made years ago and it needed a color change. I went to Michaels and got four tiny bottles of glass paint. One was a sky blue which I painted all over it and then I varied a cobalt with a deep purple and let it drizzle down. It looks like a high end piece from a good store now. I got a good linen lampshade for it. Easy fix.

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I don't think that you can paint over the ones that are high gloss where the paint color was fired on in a kiln. I could be wrong, but I think I remember my sister telling me this when I wanted to paint some years ago.

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I have "sanded" the ceramic lamps with 200 grit sand paper, cleaned them with vinegar, let them dry and then spray painted with Krylon paint as Miss Pesky suggested. They survived 3 kids and are working on 7 grandkids with only a minimum of damage

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I spray painted this lamp w/Kylon also - all I did was clean it well.

The orig lamp was white w/blue flowers and I wanted to freshen it up!


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After reading this thread, I'm thinking about picking up a lamp with a nice shape at a thrift store and giving the Krylon paint a try. That way, if it doesn't turn out as well as I'd like, at least I wouldn't be out a lot of money.

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I have painted a shiny ceramic lamp. I liked the shape, but not the 70's orange flowers that were painted on it. I sanded it down with regular sandpaper, primed with Zinzer, and then painted it with a foam roller and craft paint, then put a sealer coat over it to give it some shine and protect the paint. Spray paint would have been a better idea, but I was in a hurry, LOL! In any case, the paint has held up just fine.

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I also spray painted a ceramic ginger jar lamp with copper metallic krylon paint - came out beautiful

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Yay for this thread! One of the projects on my to-do list is to paint an old hand-me-down lamp. Wasn't sure what to use. Now I know! Jim, thanks especially for showing your end result -- looks amazing!

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I've painted several ceramic lamps over the years, most with shiny surfaces and they all came out really well with no sanding at all. I've used the Krylon spray and regular craft paint from Hobby Lobby.
BTW, Chijim: that room is stunning! I'd love it if you'd start a new thread and show us with more pics of it.

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I agree, Lynn. I'd love to see more. It looks like so homey and comfortable.

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Does anyone have any ideas on reversing this process? I have 2 ceramic lamps with gesso flowers on them that I painted over many years ago. I now would like to try to remove the paint and restore to the original finish. Thanks. Terry

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