Update on My Retirement

des_arc_ya_yaJuly 21, 2003

I posted back in February asking about the feasibility of cleaning houses parttime when I retired from teaching. Well, I DID retire in May from teaching school. However, I retired 14 days earlier than I had intended. I fell at work and broke both bones in my left ankle and left school, alright, in an AMBULANCE! LOL Needless to say, I was pretty immobile for several weeks. Exactly a month to the day after I fell, I went to work at my new parttime job - on a walker! LOL I'm working at an In-Patient Rehab at the local hospital. I enter data into the computer for the rehab. I'm working three five hour mornings and I really like it! Seems strange to be working during the summer, but with only three mornings a week, it's really nice.

Still thinking about cleaning a house or two and probably will, when I'm not still limping! Just wanted you guys to rejoice with me in my "semi" retirement! LOL

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Sorry to hear about your accident but glad to hear of your new part time job. I will probably have to find a part time job when I retire,which I hope will be in less than a year. I hope you will mend quickly so you can enjoy your retirement. Judith

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Give me the job you have now than cleaning houses any day!

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I agree with Heather. I didn't like handling money in stores, I certainly don't want to be in someone's home when they are not there. If anything came up missing, I would be the natural suspect.

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Hi Des Arc Ya Ya,

I'm wondering - how surprised were you at the development of the new job?

And at your reaction to it - and obvious pleasure in it.

One of the interesting things with regard to the workforce is that as things become more computerized, there are more openings for people with physical restrictions.

While I'm sorry that you had the misfortune of the accident, I'm gratified that you haven't let it get you down.

A question - do you find that many teachers are finding that they are becoming too stressed to continue? Or fearing that they may not be able to cope much longer?

Good wishes in your new career.

And in whatever else you may choose to make of life.

ole joyful

P.S. Maybe I should get you to come to my house - when your ankle's better.

I think there's a carpet down there, somewhere.


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Hi, all, just now getting back to "hosting my post"! LOL

A former co-worker had asked me back last Nov. if I was really intending to retire from teaching and when I told her I was, she said that she thought she had an offer that I would be interested in pursuing. She was right and they basically "held" the job for me from Nov. till June. She promised me basically stress free and it is. Pay is good for this area and for me not having any prior experience.

As for teachers feeling burned out, yes, I feel that a lot of them are getting that way. The majority of the faculty in the local district have 20 years plus experience. There are not a lot of new faces applying for the few positions that open up each year. Teachers are graying fast! LOL I only hope we get a lot of worthwhile young blood into the educational system. Graduates can make so much more money going into something else and a lot of them do just that.

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Ya Ya, that is wonderful that you are retired now and just working part time. I guess it feels good to know that you really don't HAVE to do it if you don't want to. I helped out a little at our local funeral home for a few days, just answering the phone, and I loved it there. It is so much different working with adults all day long. LOL Not nearly as stressful.

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Lulie C,

One advantage of working in a funeral home is that at least some of the clients don't answer back or argue.

ole joyful

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Hi all,

I rather expected an answer back to my previous (rather michievous) post.

But I guess many of you are not in a mood to answer back ... let alone argue.

Don't tell me that you're in training for your eventual visit to Lulie's place of business?

Des ArcYa Ya,

It's been almost six months since the big day.

How are things going with regard to the injury? I hope that you're restored to being as good as you were before that misfortune.

How are coming with your retirement?

We're wondering whether you're enjoying it - or chewing your finger nails.

Don't keep your information to yourself - fill us in with all of the gory details.

Looking forward to hearing how things are going,

joyful guy

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Hello again, all,

What - still no comments?

I thought seniors were supposed to be full of opinions on everything.

Don't be so AGREEABLE!

I hope that you're enjoying good health of body, mind and spirit - and some good friends with whom to enjoy them.

ole joyful

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Well, hey, Joyful!! Just decided to check out this forum - haven't in a long time. Haven't had time since I've retired! LOL

Loved your comment concerning working at a funeral home. Teachers would esp. appreciate the peace and quiet! LOL

Still working parttime at the rehab unit - got a 4% raise!

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I've sort of semi retired as off new years.I cut myself back to two 8hr shifts per week,no weekends.I have chronic back problems and standing for eight hrs 5 days a week was killing me.now I can rest up a little between shifts as I only work monday and thursday.
So far I'm really enjoying it.I miss the money,but not enough to go back full time.I still have a little "mad" money to spend,but have a cleaner house and lots of hobbies that will keep me busy.

Eliza ann

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