Type A Planning for Retirement

greenhandpubJuly 7, 2009

Type A personalities dont do leisure well. Many have few interests outside of their jobs. They get antsy when their day isnÂt programmed and scheduled.

Anyone out there relate to that? If so, how do such people plan for retirement, and when do they need to start?

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If such persons may be part of the increasing numbers in our society who are to retire without an adequate pension, I doubt whether they'll be chewing their fingernails, worried about how they'll find enough to do to keep them from climbing the walls (or badgering their spouse).

During many years as a personal financial advisor (and retirement consultant) I've said to many people,

"On the day that you start work ... there are brains and hands at work - and no money.
On the day that you retire ... there are brains and money at work - and no hands.".

Lacking that - you can't retire!

My new computer has apparently been invaded by some nefarious entity ...

... and Windows has run away to hide, afraid for the maintenance of its integrity!

My old computer was running email stuff peculiarly, and I couldn't reply to messages or send new ones. Recently it says that it can't go to email.

Yesterday, as I haven't got them repaired, I was working on a computer at the library.

A little girl who scarcely came up to my armpit (when I was sitting in a chair) came with a book in her hand to ask whether I'd read her book to her ... so I did (after I'd shut down my work - which she advised me as to how to do).

Could such people get their jollies out of reading a book to a little girl?

Lots of room for volunteers in the library.

Last Sunday, our minister being on holiday, a lady who's chaplain of a resource centre which our congregation supports in a subsidized housing complex was speaking and told how many families are short of food before the end of the month, so need to visit the Food Bank.

Lots of room for volunteers at the Food Bank.

The recent expansion and upgrade of the resource centre's premises was supported by the local Homebuilders Association - which they greatly appreciate!

Also retirees chewing their fingernails with nothing to do can vision community service projects in areas where many who live are very poor, many not due to their own inadequacies.

Lots of room to volunteer in those areas. Helping people learn how and equip themselves for more effective life management.

And to organize support networks to help such agencies.

Plus to organize lobbying activities to encourage governments to give more effective support. Along with the trillion or so to bankers who've over-reached (instead of to the banks who proved that they could run an effective ship).

As for blaming such disadvantaged people for their predicament ... have you ever tried living on minimum wage (supposing there is one in your area).

Soon there are to be far fewer workers in our society ... and a much higher proportion of seniors. How about their organizing systems to help such seniors live independently for longer than currently? For example, how about organizing junior seniors to support senior seniors who are close to not being able to run their own households any more, to offer housekeeping, transportation and other services to help them stay at home longer?

How about building networks to encourage several seniors when about to leave their own independent life to have about four to half a dozen live in a large house together? More stimulus to the mind, social interaction, shared chores ... and a heck of a lot cheaper than $3,000./mo. or so in a residential or nursing home.

Beyond our own areas ...Medecins Sans Frontiers needs support - shouldn't people in disadvantaged areas, especially where there is turmoil and unrest, resulting in many leaving their area with nothing but their clothes on their backs, have decent medical services?

Educational services, as well.

Maybe even organize systems to help build wells in poor parts of the world, where many women have to carry a pot for a couple of miles to get it filled with (often dirty and contaminated) water. When did you last see people washing clothes and hair in the stream from which they drew their drinking water? (Actually ... a lot of us do just that ... but we run it through a filter factory and chlorinate it along the way: which we can afford to do).

Reporters Without Borders support reporters in autocratic countries, as do the Writers' Union for writers, who have critical things to say in public regarding the shortcomings of their administrations. Offer some help there and I'll bet that you'll be greeted wioth open arms!

These Type A guys are smart executives who've learned how to go about taking the necessary steps to getting things done. How about going as executives abroad to help inquiring young folks in other countries get some things going in their areas?

Plus recruiting money in this part of the world to offer modest support for such enterprise.

Habitat for Humanity helps deserving people not only in our areas but in various parts of the world get a home in which they can live with pride.

There are lots of things for fast-moving people to do.

Heck - they could even bug their betters here on Gardenweb!

ole joyful

P.S. As I planned this post, I tried to use my recent experiences to lead my thoughts to ways in which retiring people could find self-fulfillment and offer more services to their society.

o j

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We are facing DH's unscheduled retirement. He had hoped to work few more years. Yep a "TYPE A" if there ever was one!
We had planned somewhat, have our home paid for and no other debt. Health insurance will be a huge bite of our savings.

I expressed concern in OJ's other post on retirement. DH has few interests - is it because he was too busy working, and will it change as the days progress from the feeling of being on vacation/off work into acknowledging he has no work to go to?

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It has been just over 2 weeks since my DH has been off from work. He said it is much like being on a short vacation - he has had a lot of yard work to keep him busy, mostly at the lower part of our property that I could not mow or weed. This week is unplanned. Some yard work and he is watching his favorite baseball team on TV. We ate out last evening.

One thing that we talked about, is our desire NOT to travel. We did that when younger. However we feel that if we lived elsewhere we might feel the need to get away. We live on an acre lot in a subdivision that is somewhat hilly, have a large pond(small lake) shared by neighbors that circle it. We don't see many of the houses though because of all the trees. Even in winter we only see maybe 3 of those backyards/houses. We are six miles from "town", and living near a small town gives us the freedom we would otherwise seek if we lived in a highly populated metro area in an apartment or zero lot home.

We continue to celebrate his not having to keep regular hours, having to pack or make a long drive to work.

Attitude does a lot!

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