Pricing on new load bearing wall beams

mickimaxOctober 16, 2007

IÂd like some good price guesses from you construction guys out there. I know that price differs greatly due to a variety of circumstances, so if I can get some "ball-park" figures only, IÂd be happy.

IÂm opening up three interior load-bearing walls in my house. I will work with a structural engineer and qualified professional to remove the present wood studs and put in new support beams (either wood, composite, or steel) and new support, if needed, properly to the basement floor to support the new beams and altered loads.

IÂm learning a lot about structural support, so want to do all that I can correctly to prevent my house from falling down. Thus said, how much does a support beam cost? If the contractor quotes me $50 a foot or $500 for a 12 foot wood beam is that a good quote? I understand it all depends on material, etc., but would like to begin working on my budget and would like to know about how much the materials will cost me. Should I expect to pay $100 for a 10 foot beam or $1,000?

I live in Iowa so my labor costs I am familiar with. It is the materials costs I am concerned with now, as I canÂt find any pricing information on the Internet.


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If your project has been calc'd out by your engineer and has the various sizes, make a list and present them to local suppliers. They will give you free quotes.

If you dont have them spec'd, you will have to eventually, so maybe get a takeoff from your engineer.

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