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boqueteJuly 13, 2009

Hello Friends,

After a three-year struggle my wife and I have finally sold our home here in San Diego and are moving to the mountains of Panama (Boquete) on September 1st. I've written an article on the best way to travel to this world-class gardening spot (the temps are in the 70's every day of the year). If I've done it correctly, you can see the article at the link below. It may open a whole new world for your retirement dreams.

Live well,


Here is a link that might be useful: Travel to Boquete, Panama

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Greetings Hendricus,

Did you possibly miss []\/.,mnbvcxzasdwq1234567890-=??

Greetings also Boquete/Dan,

And, though I'm currently enjoying good health ... at age 80, I'm wondering what I do if I get sick while in Panama?

Good wishes for managing your lifestyle, your health and your assets wisely ... and enjoying your life and freedom while doing it.

ole joyful

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With so many places to retire to in the United States, I can't fathom why someone would want to move to a foreign country. There are too many things to care being the most important. The grass here is green enough for me. To each his own.

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I have visited that country and no thanks. I will stick with the good ole USA.

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I'm thankful to be retired in Canada.

Single-payer healthcare.

Do you wonder why the various insurance, pharma-related and other agencies in the health field who happen to have an ax to grind are spending millions to try to influence the U.S. citizenry that they don't want it?

They like things the way they are.

But ask yourself ... is your present system best for the little guys?

Our governments are elected, and pay at least a modicum of attention to the voters.

Do your health-related agencies have even a smattering of democracy related to them?

Do they listen to the voice of the people?

Not that I've noticed.

Don't listen to the those who pin besmirching labels on others - investigate for yourselves.

Do yourself a favour - do some serious thinking about this huge issue that affects everyone at the place where they're most vulnerable.

Here's an idea: vacation in Canada this year. Ask a number of Canadians how they like their health care system.

Sure, it has its faults, it needs some repair: what doesn't?

It's bottom-line with those big guys in your healthcare field - as it is with your fractured banks whose heedless, greedy policies almost got them dumped into the dumpster ...

... at which point they told the gov't that they were "too big to be allowed to fail".

And, like little pigs, got to suck at Momma's belly - till they got bigger (again).

Canadian banks, better regulated, (mainly) didn't get their wheels stuck in that manure pile - though I have some bones to pick with the one that I have shares in, that partly did ... share price dropped to a little over a third of highest level!

Enjoy your weekend - stay healthy (whether you're in the U.S. ... or that country that the O P spoke of ... what was it, Panama?) ... especially if you're old and on the edge of decrepit!

ole joyful

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Grass is always greener in another pasture,I guess. I'd LOVE to be able to afford to retire in San Diego!!

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I would like to retire in Oregon at the base of one of those humongous mountains and they have assisted suicide. I would die happy.

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