replacing wet ceiling drywall

elcrotserFebruary 13, 2009

We removed the drywall from the ceiling of a laundry room (6x13). We did not remove the drywall from the walls. The leak has been repaired, so now we want to install new ceiling drywall.

Should the new ceiling drywall be pushed into the space that is under the attic beams and on top of the drywall from the walls? OR should we install the ceiling drywall so that its edge bumps the front of the drywall on the walls?

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Just bump it up. It's a chore to try and fit it back in the slot, even with the tapered edge on a full width sheet. I would use 5/8" drywall as it will lessen the chance for sag.

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The reason to put the ceiling board above the wall board is so that it can be left with no screws along the edges to reduce the risk of movement cracking. Your room is too small for that to be a concern so do whatever you want.

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