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doterooJuly 15, 2010

I retired from nursing a few years ago. Since that time I have separated from my husband. (we will definitely not be getting back together) I've moved to a new location and bought a small simple home. I have a new car that is paid for. My only expenses are groceries, utilities, car and house insurance and whatever else comes along. I just turned 65 so now I have to start paying for social security plus additional insurance. I receive a small SS check and I have enough in an IRA that I can't get any kind of goverment help. I might can make it but it's going to be close and I'd prefer going back to work in order to have a little more money. I let my nursing license expire because I was so burned out I knew I'd never want to work in nursing again. I would like to work in a school cafeteria, or maybe the dietary dept of a hospital or nursing home. I'm not sure if I can do the work do to minor aches and pains but I'm willing to give it a try and in fact I'm bored and need something to do. I've filled out a couple job applications but haven't heard back from either. Today I was looking at a web site of local school cafeteria workers and most of the women looked maybe in their 50s or early 60s. I started thinking "this is the age to quit jobs not start one" I guess I lost my nerve to even go looking again. Is anyone going to hire a 65 year old woman? Should I give it up and try to make do on what I have? I don't mind working but I don't want to look stupid out there at my age looking for a job.

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I have a neighbor in that sort of situation with different circumstances. She has a small pension and soc sec, but she also has a house payment. The house is only 5 years old. When she first bought the house she had only $400. after expenses to live on. It was pretty tight, but she was making it. Someone offered a part time job and she accepted it. Now she is spending like crazy and can't quit her job, she is 72 years old. In my opinion she would have been better off not working. If you go to work find a job where you only work 3 or 4 days a week. When my husband was living I worked at Walmart 3 days a week because I was bored. I had as much time as I off wanted. I was a test scanner, no stress. I enjoyed it. Or get a Christmas job, work hard and they may keep you on after wards. Retail clerk is a hard job if you have to make a living at it, but in your situation, it would help and give you something to do.

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What would it take to be licensed again. My hubby's ex is a nurse and has "retired" several times. Currently she lives in Idaho and attended training for something she calls emergency comunity nurse. She will be called is there is a emergency that needs a nurse. Did not go into details but one of the things she might be called for is forest fire work to check the fighters. Last winter she gave flu shots. One of the other things she does for extra money is work as a private duty nurse. There are other things in that field that do not need the license such as providing information and training to others.

Interesting that the other poster mentioned Walmart. Last week we were in one of the stores and the checker mentioned that she was 73 and going back to work was much better than staying at home.

If you have already passed the regular SS retirement age any income you may would be gravy. I have not worked with a temporary agency for a long time so do not know how they treat there employees currently. If you did a good job no matter how trivial some assignments could last a long time. Much better than staying at home worrying about not having enough money to live on. Hubby goes to the Y with a group of mostly older women that are in better shape now than they were at 65. He received a reminder today that one of the mermaids will turn 90 next week and to bring a card or goodie to water arobics next week. So you see life does not end at 65 sometimes it only feels like it.

Good luck and get out there.

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That bit about the mermaid gave me a good laugh.

I don't know what I'd have to do to get my license re-instated but I'm just not interested. I was so glad to get out of it. Sure I'd make way more money but it's not worth it to me. Maybe I'll get my nerve up and go apply at the school board to work in the cafeteria.

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

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Is there any assisted living facilities in your area? Many are rented depended on income. This might be cheaper that you buying your own house. As to employment, if you got your license re-instated, could you do subsitute work? health clinics? tutor students? home care like taking vitals? lots of nurses needed and so few avaiable, especially is small towns and rural areas.

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I want to encourage you to apply for work in a school cafeteria since this was one path you have considered. I teach in an elementary school and see the frustration our cafeteria manager goes through. She hires whoever she can find and for most it is a job to do until something better comes along. Many of the employees do not tell the manager they are quitting, they just don't show up. The older ladies are the BEST! All the teachers love how kind they are to our students.Many of our kids don't have grandparents and they adore the ladies of a certain age.
By working in a cafeteria you will have a lot of days off, which is always nice. Your salary can be prorated. The benefits are awesome; free dental, sick days,etc. The pay is above minimun wage. That is how it is where I live anyway.
Choose a school where you want to work and after placing an application, drop by or call the cafeteria manager.Stress how reliable you are, your love of children.

Be brave and do it NOW! School begins soon, so you don't have time to waste. Good luck and please keep all of us posted.

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Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I went to the Board of Education today and filled out an application. I had to send off 4 reference sheets and I'm hoping they will be filled out and returned to the board quickly. In the mean time all I can do is wait and hope.

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I'm glad you filed the application I wish I had done something like that when I retired. I was busy and did move but now I miss the interaction of co-workers good or bad!!
Good for you!!
I thiok one is better off with a program to follow unless you are very good at making a schedule and really sticking to it.\

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