Anybody here retired early, like early 50's?

lynnbeJuly 17, 2010

We retired early, me at 50 and my husband at 55. Just wondering if there are others out there that have done the same thing.

We've been retired 5 years now and love it. Never a bored moment.

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I retired at 52. That was over 9 years ago. I went thru a period where I wasn't sure how to best use my time. But, I figured that out and absolutely love the freedom. Check out my blog and see if you find it useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Satisfying Retirement Lifestyle

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I am now 52 and want to retire in a year or two. What I would like to know is what are you doing for health insurance?

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I retired in 2006 at age 55. My DH worked until age 56 and retired at the end of 2009.

I love being retired, and DH says these first six months of retirement have been wonderful!

To answer lin01's question, I can't imagine how anyone could retire early without retiree medical benefits. Without them, we'd still be working. Our medical benefits cost over $1K/month from a leading HMO; we pay $84/mo for what is a very comprehensive plan.

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My husband retired in January at 62, and I retired in April at 55. I am enjoying every day. He says he doesn't feel useful. I took some watercolor classes and am painting and doing crafts. I don't care if I'm useful or not! I stay up as late as I want, and sleep in if I want. Coffee on the back porch watching the birds in the mornings. Shopping when everyone else is at work. Doctor's appts during the day so I don't have to fight evening traffic. Love it. If you don't finish something today, there is always tomorrow. My elderly mother lives with us, so we can't travel unless someone she knows stays here. Luckily we have a neighbor who will stay with her if we need it, but we can't impose too much, so no traveling. But there is so much to do here (Charleston, SC), I really don't care about that. My hub is retired navy, and we each have a supplemental to Tricare through our previous employers. We pay our portion, but it isn't the full amount we would have to pay on our own. I am looking at volunteering with an animal rescue group, as that is also something else I wanted to do when I retired. This winter I'm starting on a cookbook, too. At least, that is the plan right now.

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I'm 55 and currently doing what I call my "first retirement." After 30 years, I wanted a break. But it won't be my last retirement--I will work again. So perhaps sabbatical would be a better word, but I may or may not go back to he same company and career. I do know that I don't intend to work full time again.

No pension and I'm too young to draw from the 401k or get SS (I'd rather wait anyway). DH covers me on his health insurance from work.

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I consider myself retired. I get bored easily and feel useless so there may be a job in my future. :0) I'm 50yo.

Dh is still working, getting our medical insurance through his employer. He can take off for weeks at time if he wants to....

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I retired at age 53 and sailed around the Caribbean for 6 years and then settled on a Caribbean Island that was 14 years ago and never been so happy with my life never bored

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I retired early, at 53, and my hubby retired at 57. Not by choice or planning, we both became disabled. Him with Multiple Sclerosis, me with kidney failure. Fortunately we both get some pensions and he gets Social Security. We both have Medicare to help with medical expenses. God Bless America! Oops-please don't report me!

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I retired 6 months ago at only 48 years old. so, far I've been loving it. no clock to watch, be able to do what I want, when I want. it's been fun, but I do want to find a part time job somewhere. this time it will be a job I want to do, as opposed to a job I'm stuck doing. 28 years of doing the same job every day was enough. so, when I was offered early retirement I took it. I'm looking forward to being able to hibernate this winter, & next spring I'll start looking for something part time. I know I'll find something.

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my wife retired at 52 i will retire in 2.5 yrs at 55, my wife gets a small pension for life, but more important medical for both of us. so i`am going at 55. we are both quite happy just floating in the pool all day. never had any hobbies and dont want any.

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11 years ago my husband had to go on occupational retirement at 50 due to a car accident. He can still work somewhere as long as he doesn't make over 780. a month. So he worked several years doing dishes in our elementary school and is now works bagging groceries and stocking at a grocery store. I had always been a stay at home Mom and before benefits kicked in I went to work. I'm still working as a customer service person at a large data center. I work days and DH works evenings. Works for me. I love him but this way we aren't together 24/7. 3-4 evenings, I have the house all to myself. Days, he can babysit the grandkids. 2 more years and he'll have to take full retirement.

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I'm happy for those who get to retire a bit early. I't must be ideal, especially if you can still have a part time. That way the transition is smooth. Wishing everyone the best!

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