The insurance company vs the drug company -- a saga

teri2July 9, 2003

I'm not too fond of insurance compainies, as a rule. But they do rate somewhere above drug companies, in my book. Heck, even Enron execs rate above drug companies, IMHO. Here's what happened.

My doctor prescribed Nexium for acid reflux with esophageal spasm. (It's the last part that scared me into seeing the doctor. The esophagus closes shut so that food and/or liquid doesn't go down. It just sits there in the middle of your esophagus.) Anyway, I dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy. Next day I go back to pick it up and they tell me Nexium on a "pre-authorization list" and they've contacted the doctor's office. This goes on for another 4 days with no action anywhere. Finally, the office calls me to say that the insurance company refuses to pay for the Nexium without my having tried the generic Prilosec first. OK by me, for pete's sake, let's just get this thing moving!

When I picked up the generic Prilosec, I asked the pharmacist what the difference was. She said that there is very little difference in the two drugs and they're made by the same company. It's just that the patent on Prilosec ran out so the drug company introduced an "improved" version called Nexium. Of course, the new one is under patent. It costs big bucks. And it is the one you see advertised heavily on TV. Hmmmm.

Did the generic Prilosec work? Absolutely.

Was the insurance company right in refusing to pay for the Nexium? Also absolutely, IMO.


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I think that they call it, "business", don't they?

And, with many companies buying up or squeezing out the opposition, the concentration of many businesses enables them to pretty well do as they please.

Considering that it costs so much to run a political campaign - and guess who pay for them? - many of them have friends in high places.

But - each individual has one vote, and many citizens are getting rather fed up with the big shots' ways.

One day there'll be a reckoning.

Visit your politicians' meetings. Ask embarrassing questions - and have backup for your side so that the politicians' pals can't shut you down.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance", said one of your country's founders - Patrick Henry, wasn't it?

Good wishes to you all as you insist on preserving your freedom - commercial as well as political.

joyful guy/Ed (Canadian - and we have corporate concentration problems, as well, plus many major businesses owned extraterritorially)

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I agree - how else do you explain obtaining a drug costing us $109.62 here in the good ole USA, and the same drug sells for $20.16 (US) in neighboring Canada? It's not really a business - it legalized robbery. Lloyd

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They need to carry out the research to find new drugs and get them certified, remember?

But not much emphasis on finding drugs to counter AIDS - as it's mostly in Africa, where few can afford such drugs.

Africa today - here tomorrow.

ole joyful

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